Pablo Casado

Birth Name: Pablo Casado Blanco

Place of Birth: Palencia, Castile and León, Spain

Date of Birth: 1 February, 1981

Ethnicity: Spanish [including Castilian, Cantabrian, and Leonese], one quarter Cuban

Pablo Casado is a Spanish politician. He has been President of the People’s Party, and Leader of the Opposition, since 21 July, 2018. He is one of the three deputies for Ávila in the National Congress of Deputies. He has also been Vice Secretary-General of Communication of the People’s Party, from 18 June, 2015 to 21 July, 2018.

Pablo is the son of Miguel Casado González and Esther Blanco Ruiz. His father is from Matadeón de los Oteros, León.

Pablo’s paternal grandmother was surnamed González. She was from Santa María de Cayón, Cantabria.

Pablo’s maternal grandfather was named Hernán Blanco Ramos. Hernán was born in Meneses de Campos, Palencia.

Pablo’s maternal grandmother was named Olga Ruiz. Olga was born in Havana, Cuba.

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  1. Manila says:

    Correct his maternal grandfather’s name to Hernán Blanco Ramos.

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