Björn Skifs

Birth Name: Björn Nils Olof Skifs

Place of Birth: Vansbro, Dalarna County, Sweden

Date of Birth: April 20, 1947

Ethnicity: Swedish, distant Finnish, remote German

Björn Skifs is a Swedish singer, songwriter, actor, television host, and screenwriter. He was the lead singer of the bands Slam Creepers and Blue Swede, and has had a solo career.

He is the son of Birgitta and Anders Nikolaus Skifs (Nilsson). He is of Swedish descent on both sides of his family, and has more distant ancestry from Finnish immigrants to Sweden. Anders also has remote German ancestry.

Björn’s paternal grandfather was named Nils Andersson Skifs (the son of Skifs Anders Ersson and Ruts Anna Nilsdotter). Nils was born in Dala-Järna, Vansbro, Dalarna, Sweden. Skifs was the son of Skifs Erik Danielsson Katarina Larsdotter. Ruts was the daughter of Ruts Nils Andersson and Ivars Margareta Olsdotter.

Bjorn’s paternal grandmother was Helena Axelina Forsberg (the daughter of Olof Larsson Forsberg and Anna Lena Bengtsdotter). Helena was born in Rämmen, Filipstad, Varmland County, Sweden. Olof was the son of Lars Olsson Forsberg and Ingrid Olofsdotter. Anna was the daughter of Bengt Pettersson and Maria Pettersdotter.

Bjorn’s maternal grandfather was Algot Verner Tillman/Larsson (the son of Lars Samuelsson/Tillman and Maja-Lisa Nilsdotter). Algot was born in Nås, Dalarna, Sweden. Lars was the son of Samuel Olsson and Anna Stefansdotter. Maja-Lisa was the daughter of Nils Jansson and Lisa Maria Olsdotter.

Bjorn’s maternal grandmother was Judith Elvira Johansson (the daughter of Oskar Johansson and Anna Stina Olsdotter). Oskar was born in Nås, Dalarna, Sweden. Oskar was the son of Johan Vllhelm Olsson and Lisa Jansdotter. Anna was the daughter of Olof Gustaf Abrahamsson and Anna Jansdotter.

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