Sam Kerr

by ethnic on October 8, 2018

Birth name: Samantha May Kerr

Place of Birth: East Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia

Date of Birth: 10 September, 1993

*English-Scottish, Indian (father)
*possibly Anglo-Australian (mother)

Sam Kerr is an Australian professional soccer player.

Her mother is a white Australian. Her father is an Anglo-Indian, who was born in Calcutta, India, to an English father and an Indian mother. A picture of Sam’s parents can be seen here.

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Russell Peters

by madman on March 27, 2017

Birth Name: Russell Dominic Peters

Place of Birth: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Date of Birth: September 29, 1970

Ethnicity: Anglo-Indian (Indian, English)

Russell Peters is a Canadian comedian and actors.

Russell is the son of Maureen Christina (Waike) and Eric Reginald Peters, both Anglo-Indian, both of mixed Indian and English descent. His father, who was born in Bombay, was Anglican, and his mother, who was born in Calcutta, was Catholic, and Russell was raised in his mother’s Catholic faith. Russell grew up in Brampton, Ontario.

In his book, Call Me Russell (2010), Russell wrote:

Both of my parents are Anglo-Indian. Both of their parents were Anglo-Indian, and before that one of their great-grandfathers or great-great-grandfathers was British, Welsh, Scottish or Irish – one of those ishes. That’s what it is to be an Anglo-Indian. Somewhere in your genes is a British father and an Indian mother. Anglo-Indians, or AI’s, mixed with the British when they occupied India. That’s why my name is Russell Peters instead of something you’d be more likely to expect for a guy who looks like me, both of whose parents were born in India. Anglo-Indians come in all shades – from blond-haired and blue-eyed to dark-skinned with very traditional “Indian” features. Anglo-Indians are a very small, unique community as well as a dying one, a remnant from the Raj.

Russell’s paternal grandfather was James Peters. James was from Madras.

Russell’s maternal grandparents were Christopher Anthony Waike and Sheila (the daughter of Jessie). Christopher was killed in a robbery in Hurstville, New South Wales, Australia.


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Elyes Gabel

by follers on January 17, 2015

Elyes Gabel

Birth Name: Elyes Cherif Gabel

Place of Birth: Westminster, London, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 8 May, 1983

Ethnicity: English, Algerian, French, Spanish, Dutch, Anglo-Indian, Irish, Portuguese

Elyes Gabel is a British actor.

Elyes is the son of Irene (Gurney) and Hocine Gabel. He has said that he has French, Algerian, Spanish, Dutch, Anglo-Indian, Irish, and Portuguese ancestry. He has described his Indian ancestry as “distant.” A picture of Elyes with his mother can be seen here.

Elyes’s maternal grandparents are Albert S. Gurney and Margaret E. Hope.

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Danny Huston

by follers on June 17, 2014

"Magic City" Starz Series Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

Birth Name: Daniel Sallis Huston

Place of Birth: Rome, Italy

Date of Birth: May 14, 1962

*English, Scottish, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, distant German, remote Portuguese (father)
*English, Indian (mother)

Danny Huston is an American actor, writer, and director. He is the son of film actor, writer, and director John Huston and actress and author Zoe Sallis. His half-sister is actress Anjelica Huston, and his half-nephew is actor Jack Huston. He has a daughter with his late wife, Katie.

Danny’s father had Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, Scottish, English, distant German, as well as remote Portuguese, ancestry. Danny is of 1/1024 Portuguese ancestry, through his descent from a Portuguese immigrant named Domingo Madeiras/Madeiros. Danny’s mother is of Anglo-Indian (a mix of English and Indian) ancestry.

Danny’s paternal grandfather was Walter Huston (Walter Thomas Huston, an actor, the son of Robert Moore Houghston and Elizabeth McGibbon). Walter was born in Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada, and was an Oscar-winning actor, as well as a singer. Robert was the son of Alexander Huston, who was born in Tobermore, County Derry, Ireland, and of Margaret Moore, from County Armagh, Ireland. Elizabeth had Scottish ancestry, and was the daughter of Donald Dugald/Dougald McGibbon and Mary Stewart.

Danny’s paternal grandmother was Rhea Catharine Gore (the daughter of John Marcellus Gore and Adelia Frances Richardson). Rhea was born in Indiana, U.S. John was the son of William C. Gore and Jane Unicia Farley. Adelia was the daughter of William Pitt Richardson and Sarah Elizabeth Smith.

Sources: Genealogies of Danny Huston (focusing on his father’s side) –

Information about Danny’s paternal eight times great-grandfather, Domingo Madeiras/Madeiros –

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Samantha Jade

by J.J. on July 17, 2013

Step Up Los Angeles Premiere

Birth Name: Samantha Jade Gibbs

Place of Birth: Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Date of Birth: 18 April 1987

Eye Color: Grey (Light Blue)

Hair Type/Color: Dark Brown (Brunette) and Wavy

Ethnicity: Scottish, Anglo-Indian

Family info: Samantha Jade Gibbs was born in Perth, Western Australia. Her father is of Anglo-Indian descent, while her mother is of Scottish descent.


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