Franchot Tone

Birth Name:

Stanislas Pascal Franchot Tone

Birth Place:

Niagra Falls, New York, United States

Birth Date:

February 27, 1905

What Race or Ethnicity?: French, Irish, English, German, Dutch

Franchot Tone was the son of Frank Jerome Tone and Gertrude Van Vranken Franchot.

His father had Irish and English ancestry. His mother had a lot of Dutch ancestry, along with French, German, and English roots.

Franchot’s paternal grandparents were Thomas Jefferson Tone (the son of John Tone and Electra Hubbard) and Catherine Delia Stafford or Spafford. Franchot’s maternal grandparents were Stanislas Pascal Franchot (the son of Richard Hansen Franchot and Ann Van Vranken) and Annie Powers Eells (the daughter of David Edwards Eells and Hester Ann Wiltberger).




Curious about ethnicity

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  1. Alice says:

    Franchot was a descendant of the great Irish revoluntary Wolfe Tone. I loved the episode of The Virginian with Franchot Tone as the grandfather to Billy Mumy who was famous as Bill Robinson in Lost In Space.

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