Chrissy Costanza

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Birth Name: Christina Nicola Costanza

Place of Birth: New Jersey, U.S.

Date of Birth: August 23, 1995

Ethnicity: Italian, as well as 1/8th Ashkenazi Jewish

Chrissy Costanza is an American singer, songwriter, and musician. She is the lead singer of the rock band Against The Current.

Chrissy’s paternal grandfather was Gerald H. “Jerry” Costanza (the son of Frank Costanza and Fanny Schultz). Gerald was born in New Jersey. Frank was the son of Italian parents, Enrico/Henry Costanza and Maria/Mary Vannato. Fanny was the daughter of Russian Jewish parents, Albert Schultz and Ester Paigen.

Chrissy’s paternal grandmother was named Virginia M. “Vivian” D’Alessandro. Virginia’s parents were Italian.

Chrissy’s maternal grandfather’s surname likely was Gargano.

Chrissy’s maternal grandmother was Catherine Ferris (the daughter of Anthony Ferris and Anna). Catherine was born in New York, to Italian parents.

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    The grandparents I’ve listed are definitely hers, but I’m not sure which of their sons is Chrissy’s father. Could someone figure it out and find her maternal grandparents?

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