Maxim Baldry

07/07/2019 – Maxim Baldry – South Bank Sky Arts Awards 2019 – Arrivals – The Savoy Hotel, The Strand – London, UK -Photo Credit: Landmark / PR Photos

Birth Name: Maxim Alexander Baldry

Place of Birth: Surrey South Eastern, Surrey, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 5 January, 1996

*father – English, distant German
*mother – Georgian, Russian

Maxim Baldry is a British actor. He has also been credited as Max Baldry.

His father, Simon Baldry, is English. His mother, Karina Baldry, is Russian, from Moscow, and writes about Russian cuisine. His mother is of at least part Georgian ancestry. Maxim was raised partly in Warsaw, Poland and in Moscow.

Maxim is a common Russian name.

He has said:

My mum’s Russian, I grew up speaking Russian as my first language… I think it’s quite hard to place me, because of that thing – ‘where could he be from? Well, he could be [from] anywhere.’ And that’s not a great thing. I can’t really play an English person, even though I’m English, I can’t play a Spanish person either because I’m not Spanish and I can’t speak Spanish… I mean in theory I can play Russian, but I don’t look Russian… It hasn’t made life easy. It’s hard adjusting to your mental process to that of the life of an actor, because it’s just so temporary.

Maxim’s paternal grandfather is named Graham M. Baldry.

Maxim’s paternal grandmother is Joan R. Coulston (the daughter of Cecil Coulston and Lilian Hardwicke/Hardwick Allum). Joan was born in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, England. Cecil was the son of Joseph William Coulston and Ann. Lilian was the daughter of Alfred Allum and Emma Rosina Klein, who herself was born in Mara, Tanzania, to a German father, Louis Phillipe/Phillip Klein, who was from Nordsachsen, Sachsen, Germany, and to an English mother, Rosina/Rose Hardwick.

Maxim’s maternal grandfather is named Viktor Georgievich Gabrielov. Victor was born in Pyatigorsk, North Caucasian Federal District, Russia.

Maxim’s maternal grandmother is named Yelena Victorovna.


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  1. ann says:

    Photo of Maxim’s oldest brother Vic with their maternal grandparents.

  2. bablah says:

    Gabriel is a name of Hebrew origin, but isn’t used exclusively by Jews due to spread of Christianity. Just like Michael, John, Nathan…. -ov/-ev is a standard suffix in most of the last names in Russia. If Maxim’s grandfather was of Georgian descent, all he needs is an ancestor named Gabriel/Gabrieli, and voila, you get Gabrielov. If the last name was something like Moiseev, then it would make sense it’s Jewish, because Moisei is not a name gentiles use (at least in Russia, in the US, there are many Christians named Moses).

    • madman says:

      Just as up here, we have many people with the surname Israelsson who aren’t Jewish or of Jewish descent. They just happen to have a patrilineal ancestor named Israel way back somewhere.

      • follers says:

        Many or most Russian names aren’t from a paternal ancestor’s first name, the way most Swedish names are.

        The people on geni named Gabrielov generally seem Jewish, although it may not be a representative selection. I was just trying to ask Ann if the name Gabrielov or Gavrielov can be a non-Jewish Georgian surname.

        • bablah says:

          If it has a “given name+ov/ev” form, it’s likely a name of an ancestor. Alexandrov, Dorofeev, etc. Since this man is presumably Georgian, his real last name probably ended in -shvili or -dze (maybe something like Gabrielidze). It was very common for last names to be “translated” into Russian. Even if this man was a Jew, he would likely be a Mountain Jew, than a Jew from Uzbekistan (which I’m guessing would be either Ashkenazi or Bukharan).

          • andrew says:

            Bablah, it’s very very very true that 80/90% of ethnic Georgian names end in -shvili or -dze which can sound quite boring.

          • ann says:

            Gabrielov is not really common last name. I think it can be of Jewish origin but at the same time, it can be not original name of Maxim’s grandfathers family. Since his grandfather named to be Georgian, so his last name can be changed to more “Russian” few generations ago, like Kardashians were Kardaschoff in Russia and it was pretty often situation.
            So i think Maxims grandfather can be of Jewish origin or Georgian but with modified last name (from Gabrielidze, Gabriashvili ect).
            At the same time even if his ancestor was named Gabriel or something like that, dosent mean 100% Jewish roots. For example, few of my Russian ancestors also had first names of Jewish origin, but they had non Jewish roots.

  3. ann says:

    Maxim’s mother Karina was born in Moscow.
    His maternal grandfather is Viktor Georgievich Gabrielov. Victor was born in Pyatigorsk, Russia.
    His maternal grandmother is Yelena Victorovna.

    • andrew says:

      Off Topic:

      Have you ever heard something about a distant Italian (or Italian trough France) origin of Putin family? It’s all started years ago because of an entrepeneur from Province of Vicenza named Franco Putin (the surname exists in Veneto), who has business interests in Eastern Europe. During a check-in at Belgrade airport, it was asked by local policemen if he was related to VP. The story caught the attention of Russian media like Moskovskij Komsomolets newspaper and NTV channel, who sent reporter Andrei Shilov to Italy to investigate.

    • follers says:

      Does the name Gabrielov have a Jewish origin? I found a lot of Uzbek Jews named Gavrielov.

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