Andrew J. West

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Birth Name: Andrew James West

Place of Birth: Merrillville, Indiana, U.S.

Date of Birth: November 22, 1983

Ethnicity: Filipino (one eighth), Polish, Slovak, Moravian Czech, German, English, Irish, possibly Russian

Andrew J. West is an American actor. His roles include the shows Greek, The Walking Dead, and Once Upon a Time.

He was raised in Lake Station, Indiana. Andrew is married to actress Amber Stevens West, with whom he has two children.

Andrew’s maternal grandfather was Lynn L. Jose (the son of Timoteo/Timothy Eserjose/Jose and Ipha Marina Lutz). Lynn was born in Indiana. Timothy was born in Cabanatuan, Philippines. Ipha was born in Nebraska, the daughter of John Edward Lutz, whose father was German, and whose mother was the daughter of German parents; and of Susan MeDora Marker.

Andrew’s maternal grandmother was Phyllis Marie Purevich (the daughter of Edward “Butch” Purevich and Helen Dorothy Lacny/Laczny). Phyllis was born in Indiana. Edward was the son of Alexander “Alex” Purevich, who was from Vilnius, Lithuania, and of Antonina/Antonia Yochova, who was from Jihomoravský, Moravia, Czechia. Andrew’s great-grandmother Helen was the daughter of Polish parents, Joseph Lacny/Laczny, who was born in Kalisz Voivodeship, and Bertha/Bronislawa Wysocki, who was from Tartak, Kolno County, Podlaskie.

Sources: Divorce record of Andrew’s maternal grandparents, Lynn L. Jose and Phyllis Marie Purevich –

Obituary of Andrew’s maternal great-grandmother, Helen Dorothy (Lacny/Laczny) Purevich –

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  1. madman says:

    Can Yugoslav please be removed? I think it was only added because there was a man named Alex Perovich from Montenegro who was also living in Indiana at the same time as Alexander Purevich. But he was clearly a different person.

    Most trees say Alexander was born in Vilnius, Lithuania, and that Antonina was born in Jihomoravský, Moravia, Czechia.

    • madman says:

      If you wanna add the info from those trees, you should also remove Slovak and add Russian (Alexander Purevich was probably East Slavic due to his name, and his language is listed as Russian everywhere).

  2. ann says:

    Andrew’s maternal great-grandmother Helen was the daughter of Joseph Lacny/Laczny and Bertha/Bronislawa Wysocki. Joseph was born in Kalisz Voivodeship, Poland to Walter/Władysław Łączny and Marianna Półrolniczak, both from Konin, Wielkopolskie, Poland. Bertha was born in Tartak, Kolno County, Podlaskie, Poland to Frank/Franz Wysocki and Josephine Witczak.

  3. bablah says:

    ”Purevich, who was from Russia, and was likely of Yugoslav descent”

    How did you come to that conclusion?

  4. madman says:

    What the censuses say:
    1920 – Alex and Antonina/Antonia were both born in Russia and spoke Russian.
    1930 – Alex was born in Russia and spoke Russian, Antonina/Antonia was born in Czechoslovakia and spoke Slovak.

    I’d add Russian to his ethnicity since Alex likely at least wasn’t Slovak.
    Laczny sounds Hungarian.

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