Britt Robertson

"Delivery Man" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

Birth Name: Brittany Leanna Robertson

Place of Birth: Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.

Date of Birth: April 18, 1990

Ethnicity: English, along with German, Swiss-German, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, Scottish, and Welsh

Britt Robertson is an American actress. She has also been credited as Brittany Robertson.

Britt’s paternal grandfather is Jerry Thomas Robertson (the son of James Britt Robertson and Hettie “Grace” Hull). Jerry was born in North Carolina. James was the son of Albert Brown Robertson/Robinson and Minnie Melton. Hettie was the daughter of Claude Franklin Hull and Mary Lula Miller.

Britt’s paternal grandmother is Helen Shuler Hartman (the daughter of James B. Hartman and Helen Shuler). Britt’s grandmother Helen was born in North Carolina. Britt’s great-grandmother Helen was the daughter of The Rev. Frederick Hawkins Shuler, a Protestant minister, and of Mary Weaver Whitmire.

Britt’s maternal grandfather is Fields Kirkpatrick Hayes (the son of Robert Franklin/Frank Hayes, Sr. and Elizabeth Anne/Ann “Annie” Pressley). Fields was born in South Carolina. Robert was the son of Robert Lucius Hayes and Emma Johnson Wilkes. Elizabeth was the daughter of Adam Sandifer Pressley and Delia Irene Kirkpatrick.

Britt’s maternal grandmother is named Virginia Rebecca Guinn.

Britt is a seventh cousin, once removed, of singer and actor Elvis Presley, an eighth cousin of Elvis’s daughter, musician Lisa Marie Presley, and an eighth cousin, once removed, of Lisa Marie’s daughter, actress and model Riley Keough. Britt’s maternal seven times great-grandparents, Andreas “Andrew” Preslar and Antje “Ann” Wells, were also the six times great-grandparents of Elvis Presley.

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