William Moseley

Moseley in 2008, photo by PR Photos

Birth Name: William Peter Moseley

Place of Birth: Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 27 April, 1987

Ethnicity: English, Scottish, some Welsh

William Moseley is an English actor. He is known for starring as Peter Pevensie in The Chronicles of Narnia films, and for his roles in the films The Silent Mountain, Margarita with a Straw, Friend Request, Carrie Pilby, The Veil, The Little Mermaid (2018), In Like Flynn, Land of Dreams, and Medieval, and on the show The Royals.

He is the son of Julie and Peter Moseley, a cinematographer.

William is a second cousin, twice removed, of physicist Henry Moseley (Henry Gwyn Jeffreys Moseley). Henry was the son of naturalist Henry Nottidge Moseley, and the grandson of churchman, mathematician, and scientist Henry Moseley.

William’s paternal grandfather was Andrew S. Moseley (the son of William Robins Moseley and Kathleen Margaret Squire). Andrew was born in Newton Abbot, Devon, England. William’s great-grandfather William was the son of Andrew Moseley, an architect, and of Euphemia McDonald/MacDonald, who was born in Lock Maddy, Scotland. Kathleen was the daughter of Thomas Squire and Jane Agnes Withycombe. William’s great-great-great-grandfather, William Willis Moseley, kept a school at Newcastle-under-Lyme.

William’s paternal grandmother was named Mary Rossiter.

William’s maternal grandfather is named Austin Fleming.

William’s maternal grandmother is Vera Alice Shaw (the daughter of Hugh Shaw and Norah/Nora Elizabeth Emma Aldridge). Vera was born in Wheatenhurst, Gloucestershire, England. Hugh was born in Flintshire, Wales, and was the son of Humphrey Shaw and Mary Elizabeth Dennis. Norah was English, and was the daughter of Lewis Davis Aldridge and Alice Cave Ayland.

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  1. celebfan says:

    His father is Peter A. Mosley, a famed cinematographer. Why isn’t his ethnicity listed on ethnicelebs?

  2. A user says:

    Is there any english person who doesn’t also have Scottish Welsh Irish etc

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