Montserrat Caballé

Birth Name: María de Montserrat Viviana Concepción Caballé i Folch

Date of Birth: 12 April, 1933

Place of Birth: Barcelona, Spain

Date of Death: 6 October, 2018

Place of Death: Barcelona, Spain

Ethnicity: Spanish [Catalan, Valencian]

Montserrat Caballé was a Spanish operatic soprano. Her father, Carlos Juan Caballé i Borrás, was Catalan. Her mother, Ana Folch, was Valencian. She was married to operatic tenor Bernabé Martí (Bernabé Martínez Remacha), until her death. The couple had two children.

Montserrat’s paternal grandfather was named Abundio Caballé.

Montserrat’s paternal grandmother was named Bibiana Borrás.

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  1. follers says:

    Ethnic, is there a picture, please?

  2. Manila says:

    She died. RIP. :(

  3. Manila says:

    Carlos’ middle name is Juan according to his birth record.

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