Katharine McPhee

McPhee in 2012, photo by Featureflash / Shutterstock.com

Birth Name: Katharine Hope McPhee

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: March 25, 1984

Ethnicity: English, German, Irish, Scottish

Katharine McPhee is an American actress, singer, and songwriter. She was the runner-up on season five of reality series American Idol.

Katharine’s family’s surname was previously spelled Fee. She is the daughter of Peisha, a vocal coach, and Daniel McPhee, a television producer. Katharine is married to Canadian musician, record producer, composer, and songwriter David Foster, with whom she has a son. She has also been billed as Katharine Foster.

Katharine’s paternal grandfather was Roger Dexter Fee (the son of Knight Elias Fee and Minnie Belle Graves). Roger was born in Iowa. Knight was the son of George Manson Fee and Eliza Mary Dexter. Minnie was the daughter of Albert Larson Graves and Sarah Lann Nunn.

Katharine’s paternal grandmother was Danna Jeanne Atkinson (the daughter of Daniel Spencer Atkinson and Lotta Hope Hammer). Danna was born in Oklahoma. Daniel was the son of Phillip Warner Atkinson and Mattie Kate Wilcoxon. Lotta was the daughter of Oswal Ray Hammer and Ruth Leta Savage.

Katharine’s maternal grandfather was William Eugene “Bill” Burch (the son of Arthur Issac Burch and Nellie Jean Abrams). William was born in Washington. Arthur was the son of Nelson Hugh Burch and Nora O’Connor. Nellie was the daughter of William Lewis Abrams and Jessie Thacker. Jessie was born in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada.

Katharine’s maternal grandmother is Marian/Marion “Mimi” Meyer (the daughter of Werner Eugene Meyer and Ida M. Shepard). Marian was born in Washington. Werner, who was of German descent, was the son of George Meyer and Emma Josephine Arnto/Arntz. Ida was the daughter of Timothy Hastings Shepard and Mary Adams.

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    The invention of Europe is a symbol of racism, there is no such thing Asia or Europe but only Euroasia. That being said nobody’s actually “white” nor is it a skin complexation.

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      What a nice comment, I’m not “white-hating” ? The more you move down to the Northwest the darker hair gets and you also get more brown eyes, it’s pretty normal in Great Britain that’s all I’m saying lol, rude bitch. Ireland is predominantly mid brown to dark brown haired while light features such as red blonde and is extremely rare.

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      Kayla’s comment: “She looks a tiny bit Native American….something about the cheekbones” there’s nothing native about her cheekbones and you call me ignorant. OK then.

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      “The invention of Europe is a symbol of racism” You my friend are deranged and need to seek for help, fallen too deep into the woke culture, Europe and Asia are SIGNIFICALLY ethnically and genetically, that’s why the line is drawn, following your logic there’s no black either?

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    Love her!!

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    McPhee is not her Maiden name? I don’t see anyone in her ancestry in this post with a McPhee surname. My guess is McPhee is Scottish. I’m part Scottish and my surname is McDonald.

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    I’ve always thought she looked like a white Beyonce.

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    She looks part Italian or Spaniard.

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