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JWoww in 2012, photo by Prphotos

Birth Name: Jennifer Lynn Farley

Place of Birth: Franklin Square, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: February 27, 1986

Ethnicity: German, Swedish, English, Irish, Spanish, French-Canadian, possibly other

JWoww is an American television personality. She appeared on the MTV reality series Jersey Shore, along with Deena Nicole Cortese, Pauly D, Sammi Giancola, Vinny Guadagnino, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, Angelina Pivarnick, Snooki, and Michael Sorrentino.

JWoww has said that she is not of Italian descent, but rather of Spanish and Irish ancestry. She mentioned this on Fox’s Strategy Room.

JWoww has two children with her husband Roger Mathews.

A 23andMe DNA test whose results were displayed on YouTube stated that JWoww’s genetic ancestry includes:

*99.1% European
——–*24% British & Irish [Ireland]
——–*23.9% Broadly Northwestern European
——–*16.9% French & German
——–*7.3% Italian
——–*5.9% Iberian
——–*2% Eastern European
——–*1.1% Finnish
——–*0.7% Sardinian
——–*0.2% Balkan

Jwoww’s paternal grandfather was Herbert F. Farley (the son of Charles Emile Farley and Agnes Madeline Higgenbottom). Herbert was born in New York. Charles was born in New York, to Canadian parents, Stanislaus/Stanislas Farley and Melvina/Malvina/Vinnie Dalpé, who was French-Canadian. Agnes was the daughter of William Higgenbottom, who was English, and of Mary N. Jennings, who was Irish.

Jwoww’s paternal grandmother was Eleanor Gardner (the daughter of Edward John Gardner and Eleanor Olivia Carlson). Eleanor was born in New York. Edward was born in New York, to German parents. Eleanor was born in Massachusetts, to Swedish parents, Eric Carlson and Matilda Mattson.

Source: http://www.usmagazine.com


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. ethnic says:

    Hey Sage, Im just going through your posts of Lindy Booth and
    was wondering if you had an accurate source for her Scottish background?

    many thanks

  2. andrew says:

    disgusting plasticoid woman

  3. mariian93 says:

    Here you can see a picture of her before debut in jersey shore. http://i28.tinypic.com/191k4o.jpg.
    I’m spanish and from the south of spain (Andalucia) and we are not natural tanning at all, it’s true we usually have dark hair and eyes, but our skin is just tanned in summer, when we spend a lot of time in the beach. We are a mixture between some civilizations, 20-22% Jewish, 8-12% arabs and the rest is iberian and in Galicia some celtic ancestry as well, but it doesn’t mean that we are not white. i have nothing against colored people but it bother me that the people talk with no sense about something they have no idea. If someone come to spain in winter will check that the only colored people they’ll find will be gipsys(very common in spain) and latin americans. I’m not saying that we are like sweedish or irish, but in spain you can find a big amount natural blond people with blue and green eyes and pale skin, but the most typical spanish prototype is brown hair, brown or green eyes and white skin, so please have a search before talking :)

  4. wtf says:

    The dark comes from tanning.spanish people are more often light being that they ARE WHITE. God, people are stupid.

    • Bea says:

      Meditteranians are white, or English, but South Americans are Hipanics or Latin American and in America they’re considered colored. Not colored in a bad way of course, but cuz usually they have a natural tan.

      • marjanel says:

        Most South americans are not hispanic but Lusasophones. And not all South americans are Latin Americans. There are Dutch, English speaking people in South America.And people in South America is diverse you can´t say that all are coloured. Thera are a lot of pale people, there are a lot that are not tan but black. Also it is not like Americans know many about South Americans because Mexicans, Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans Salvadorians, Guatemalans are not South Americans. Also when wtf is talking about Spanish he or she is talking about Spain only, south Americans are not Spanish like people don´t say English to Americans

    • Jonas Ismal says:

      I think you 2 Fucks are the stupid ones Meditterianians are not white they are Meditterianians natural Dark Skin, Brown or Tan people cause they are closer to the sun and the crossing of the Middle East. Meditterianians only unified withree Europe for trade and support English people are a way different color and culture mostly more white pale and frecklish red skin. And if you 2 or any one else don’t agree Can keep living in lies and DYING IN DENIAL! Cause Ya’lls White Supermasist Rasicist God Hitler is Dead but even he wasn’t that ignorant he knew who was white and who wasn’t by looking at the color of their skin, eyes, hair and last name mostly roots!

      • I love you, Roger Scientist says:


        Hitler was allies with Italy during World War II – one of the most known Southern European countries in the world. He did consider them “white,” and much more than the Slavs who he thought of as communist mongrels.

        You should touch up on your history, buddy.

        But yes, many of them are naturally dark.

      • I love you, Roger Scientist says:

        And your comment was uncalled for.


        • Ahmed says:

          Spanish people are mostly white like 75% are white, but there are people in Spain since I have been there who are dark or brown skinned, especially in the south, where i notice the people have a lot of similarities with Morocco, but in northern and central Spain the natives are just white mainly, in souther spain I see a mix! But Mediterrenean peoples can range a lot in skin colors such as me myself I am Palestinian and I have red hair green eyes and freckles I swear to god, but there is also Palestinians with brown skin! Med people often can look like as white as Germanic or Nordic person and sometimes as darks as an Indian person! They are all Caucasian though !

    • Taylor says:

      Ugh. There are ETHNIC spanish too. Get your facts right. Everybody is not white

  5. Jules H says:

    Ill assume the dark comes from the spainish then lol

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