Jean-Luc Mélenchon

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Birth Name: Jean-Luc Antoine Pierre Mélenchon

Place of Birth: Tangier, Tangier International Zone, now Morocco

Date of Birth: 19 August, 1951

*75% Spanish [Castilian, Valencian]
*25% Italian [Neapolitan, Sicilian]

Jean-Luc Mélenchon is a French politician. He has been a Member of the National Assembly from Bouches-du-Rhône, since 21 June, 2017. He was previously Senator of Essonne, from 2 October, 1986 to 27 April, 2000, and again, from 1 October, 2004 to 7 January, 2010, Minister of Vocational Education, from 27 March, 2000 to 6 May, 2002, and a Member of the European Parliament, from 14 July, 2009 to 18 June, 2017. He was the candidate for La France insoumise in the 2017 and 2022 French presidential elections.

He was born in Tangier, to a father of Spanish descent and a mother of Spanish and Italian ancestry. Jean-Luc’s father, Georges Mélenchon, is a postmaster. Jean-Luc’s mother, Jeanine Bayona, is a primary school teacher. His family moved to France in 1962. Jean-Luc has one child with his former wife Bernadette Abriel.

Juan-Luc’s patrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his fifth great-grandfather, Francisco Melenchón.

Jean-Luc’s paternal grandfather was Antonio Miguel Melenchón Martínez (or Antoine Mélenchon in French, the son of Bernabé Melenchón y Castillejo and María de los Dolorès Martínez Hurtado). Antonio was a Spanish emigrant, from Mula, Murcia. Bernabé was the son of Bernabé Melinchón/Melenchón y Talavera and Josefa Castillejo y Toledo. Dolorès was the daughter of Manuel Martínez Espín and María Hurtado Martínez.

Jean-Luc’s paternal grandmother was Aimée Canicio (the daughter of François Canicio and Joaquina Serrano Avargues). Aimée was born in Arzew, Oran, Algeria. François was born in Saint-Denis du Sig, Sig, Mascara Province, Algeria, the son of Spanish emigrants, Francisco Pedro José (or François in French) Canicio Sepulcre, of Novelda, Alicante, and María Josefa (or Joséphine in French) Cardona Crespo, of Benissa, Alicante. Jean-Luc’s great-grandmother Joaquina was born in Saint-Denis du Sig, the daughter of Spanish emigrants, Juan Francisco Serrano Castillo, of Elche, Alicante, and María Rita Avargues Garcela, of Calp, Alicante.

Jean-Luc’s maternal grandfather was named Francisco Bayona (or François in French). Francisco was a Spanish emigrant, from Valencia, Valencia.

Jean-Luc’s maternal grandmother was Jeanne Emmanuelle Caserta (the daughter of Jean Caserta and Caterina, or Catherine in French, Alaimo). Jean-Luc’s grandmother Jeanne was born in Guyotville, Ain Benian, Algiers Province, Algeria. Jean-Luc’s great-grandfather Jean was born in Algiers, the son of Italian emigrant, Emmanuel/Emmanuele Caserta, of Ustica, Palermo, and of Catherine Volto/Oliveri, who was of half Sicilian and half Neapolitan descent. Jean-Luc’s great-grandmother Caterina was also born in Ustica, the daughter of Francesco (or François in French) Alaimo and Caterina (or Catherine in French) Licciardi.

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