Ke$ha in 2012, photo by Prphotos

Birth Name: Kesha Rose Sebert

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: March 1, 1987

*biological father – possibly English
*mother – German, Hungarian

Ke$ha, also known as Kesha, is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, and actress. She performs pop and electronic music. Her songs include “Tik Tok,” “Blah Blah Blah,” “Your Love Is My Drug,” “Take It Off,” “Blow,” “Die Young,” “My First Kiss,” “We R Who We R,” “Right Round,” and “Timber.”

Her mother, Pebe Sebert (Rosemary Patricia Sebert), is a singer and songwriter.

Ke$ha’s maternal grandfather was of German descent and Ke$ha’s maternal grandmother was of Hungarian ancestry. Ke$ha was raised by her mother, and the identity of Ke$ha’s biological father has not been publicly verified. A man named Bob Chamberlain has stated that he is Ke$ha’s biological father; it is not clear if this statement has been verified. Chamberlain is an English surname.

Ke$ha has said, “did you guys know that i am a gypsy? mom just told me that we are a bunch of thieving hungarian gypsies. ALL MAKES SENSE NOW.” It is not clear if Ke$ha actually has verified/documented Romani ancestry.

In a Polish interview, she stated:

Once my mom someday told me the story exactly where my family came from. My great-great-grandmother lived on some Polish land, which was then ruled by Russia … I admit that now I do not remember exactly.

It is likely that Ke$ha was referring to one of her ethnic German ancestors, as ethnic Germans often lived on land that is territorially now part of Poland. It does not appear that Ke$ha has ethnic Polish ancestry, on her mother’s side.

Ke$ha’s maternal grandfather was Wilmer Louis Siebert (the son of Paul Peter Siebert and Mary Eva Pahs). Wilmer was born in Indiana, to parents who were born in Indiana; all of their own parents were German, from Prussia. Paul was the son of Johann Albert “John” Siebert/Sebert and Henrietta Gertrude Grott. Mary Eva was the daughter of Josef Gustave “Joseph” Pahs/Pass and Appolonia Matilda Wegener/Wegoner/Wagner.

Ke$ha’s maternal grandmother was Rose Marie Kecse (the daughter of Sándor “Alexander” Kecse Nagy and Lídia “Ellen”/”Ella Lydia” Tóth). Rose was born in Illinois, to Hungarian parents. Sándor was from Gádoros, Békés, the son of Bálius Kecse Nagy and Mária Bese. Lídia was born in Szentes, Csongrad, the daughter of János Tóth and Lídia Kis.

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