Jerry Brown

official photo of Jerry Brown c. 2006, State of California

Birth Name: Edmund Gerald Brown

Place of Birth: San Francisco, California, United States

Date of Birth: April 7, 1938

Ethnicity: Irish, German, Scottish, English, 1/16th Italian, 1/16th French

Jerry Brown is an American politician and lawyer. A member of the Democratic Party, he served as Governor of California, from January 6, 1975 to January 3, 1983, and again from January 3, 2011 to January 7, 2019. He is thus the longest-serving California Governor. He has also been Secretary of State of California, from January 4, 1971 to January 6, 1975, Chairman of the California Democratic Party, from 1989 to 1991, Mayor of Oakland, California, from January 4, 1999 to January 8, 2007, and Attorney General of California, from January 9, 2007 to January 3, 2011.

He was a candidate for the Democratic Party’s nomination for President of the United States in 1976, 1980, and 1992.

Jerry is the son of Bernice E. (Layne) Brown and Pat Brown (Edmund Gerald Brown), who was also Attorney General of California, from 1951 to 1959, Governor of California, from 1959 to 1967, and a candidate for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, in several cycles. Jerry is married to business executive Anne Gust.

Jerry’s paternal grandfather was Edmund Joseph Brown (the son of Joseph Brown and Bridget Burke). Edmund was born in California, to Irish parents, from County Tipperary. Jerry’s great-grandfather Joseph was the son of Michal Brown and Johanna. Bridget was the daughter of Edmund Burke.

Jerry’s paternal grandmother was Ida Schuckman (the daughter of August Schuckman and Augusta A. Feidler). Ida was born in California, to German parents. August was from Lippe. Augusta was the daughter of Franz Feidler, or of Mathias Fiedler and Helena Schuerhoff.

Jerry’s maternal grandfather was Arthur Daniel Layne (the son of James Robert Layne and Catharine “Kate” J. McCall). Arthur was born in Texas. Catharine was the daughter of Daniel McCall and Miriam Beck.

Jerry’s maternal grandmother was Alice/Allis M. Cuneo (the daughter of Hippolyte Cuneo and Julia Roach). Alice was born in California. Hippolyte was born in California, the son of Giovani Baptiste Cuneo, who was Italian, and of Zelia Roul, who was French. Hippolyte’s stepfather, Napoloeon Denis, was French. Jerry’s great-grandmother Julia was born in California, to Irish parents.

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    Hippolyte Cuneo’s parents were born in France but they were certainly of Italian descent. “Cuneo” is an Italian town in Piedmont, close to French border, and a common surname in Genoa:

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