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Please leave some suggestions below on how this site could be improved. Any ideas/criticisms are welcome.

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  1. madman says:

    Maybe there could be two types of comment sections in some way; one for normal, casual comments and one for discussions about the researching of the celebrity’s ancestry. It is strange to have them mixed up like this, especially since we have people here who only care about reading one or the other. If you could easily see which category a new comment was made in, it would be a lot easier to have discussions about both topics, and to have parallell discussions. And we already have one special section for comments relating to feedback.

    And, when I’m on the topic, there is still a bug on the computer version of the site (not on the phone version) that make you unable to read comments on previous comment pages, and sometimes to read the comments on the first page, you have to go to “previous comments” and then back to “next comments” again.

    • passingtime85 says:

      All you have to do is load the page without the comments part of the url

      Here’s an example. Instead of trying to load the exact link:


      It will show the top comments in proper sequence. It works on all profiles.

      • madman says:

        I’ve noticed that too, but it should still be fixed. It’s way more efficient to have the comment section directly underneath the profile you click on.

      • ethnic says:

        Yes the bug has to do with the desktop theme used for the site. Ive tried to use other themes none are quite as good as this one.

        Interesting idea Madman. One possible way would be to have the current comment section and an additional facebook comment section underneath. Personally I enjoy reading both types of comments and am happy with the current system.

        • madman says:

          Okay, I understand that. Hope you find a solution eventually!

          I also enjoy reading both types of comments, and to every now and then make a comment not related to research. But to have them separate means it would be easier to differentiate between the two. I would personally not want to comment with my Facebook. But another way could be to have the current comment section as the default, but to also have some type of box to press (called “correction”, “improvement”, “update”, or something similar) where a new little section would appear somewhere where you could discuss updates to the page of any sort. That way we would still have the current section, and make the new one more anonymous.

          Another reason to have this would be if you find smaller errors on a page, or smaller additions that should be included. I, for one, have noticed a lot of spelling errors and smaller things that could be written differently, but haven’t commented on them because I don’t want to leave way too many petty small comments everywhere. To have a new section would mean it’s easier for us supporters who aren’t moderators to help improve the site.

          By the way, have you read my previous suggestions?

  2. Manila says:

    Has someone logged in to the Swedish archives website? Their policy has changed due to protection of data privacy, wherein you need to log in to access records that are newer than 110 years old. Creating an account is still free, but I can’t create it.

  3. Manila says:

    I would like to suggest about the calling name of the celebs’ relatives and ancestors, to determine what part of their given name should be underlined to properly call them, so that you should not necessarily call them on the first given name than middle name. It is used for those who have at least two given names, more notably for German and Swedish names, and to some extent Spanish and Portuguese names, Rachel Meghan* Markle and Karin Victoria* Silvstedt for example. I put the asterisk to demonstrate how to underline the name. The only exception is that if the person has a nickname, María Julia “Maju” Mantilla García for example. What do you think?

  4. Manila says:

    Mooseroots is gone :(

  5. madman says:

    Oh, and I would appreciate if the comment removal function wasn’t abused to remove comments which clearly doesn’t violate the rules of use. And if something I’ve written that has been removed has been “otherwise objectionable according to the opinion of Ethnicelebs or its delegates” by any standard, I’d be delighted to know how so I can better myself. And perhaps that standard should then be included in the Rules of Use.

    I’m writing this as a separate comment so that, when this comment is removed, the whole comment won’t disappear.

    • ethnic says:

      I agree. I prefer that comments stay on here unless they violate the terms. However editors that can edit posts can also edit comment by default. If this continues let me know on this page.

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