Gatlin Green

Birth Name: Gatlin Kate Green

Place of Birth: Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.

Date of Birth: c. 1997

Ethnicity: English, Irish, German, Cajun/French, distant Dutch

Gatlin Green is an American actress. She is also sometimes known as Gatlin Kate James.

Gatlin is the daughter of Wendi and Brian Green. She is married to actor Austin James.

Gatlin’s paternal grandfather was named Ernest Jackson Green, Sr.

Gatlin’s paternal grandmother was Kathleen Inez Swearingen (the daughter of Byron/Byrum L. Swearingen and Inez Hughes). Kathleen was born in Arizona. Byron was born in Texas, the son of Duncan Devers Swearingen and Lucinda Eliza Williford. Inez was born in Texas, the daughter of Henry Nathan Hughes and Oleve Dugat, who was from Louisiana.

Gatlin’s maternal grandfather was James Elwood Foy (the son of Elwood Merton Foy and Mary Frances Hixon). James was born in California. Elwood was born in Montana, the son of John Elwood Foy and Della Meyers. Mary Frances was born in California, the daughter of Irvin Hixon and Mary Frances Johnson.

Gatlin’s maternal grandmother was named Nancy L. Crebs.

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