Glenn McCuen

McCuen in 2011, photo by Charles Edwards/

Place of Birth: Baton Rouge, Louisiana, U.S.

Date of Birth: February 3, 1991

Ethnicity: French/Cajun, Irish, German, Dutch, Scottish, English, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish

Glenn McCuen is an American actor, model, and gymnast.

Glenn’s paternal grandfather was Norris Glenn McCuen (the son of Norris Glenn McCuen and Dessie Kincade). Glenn’s grandfather Norris was born in Iowa. Glenn’s great-grandfather Norris was born in Iowa, the son of Henry Alexander McCuen, whose father was Irish, and of Margaret Elizabeth Doherty, whose parents were also Irish. Dessie was born in South Dakota, the daughter of Charles Robert Kincade and Sarah Ann “Sadie” Duncan.

Glenn’s paternal grandmother was Clarice Joanne Hoffman (the daughter of Clarence Rushwall Hoffman and Margaret Lois Huston). Clarice was born in Iowa. Clarence was born in Iowa, the son of Oren Rushwell Hoffman, whose father was German, and of Anna Rosella McNulty. Margaret was born in Iowa, the daughter of William Lloyd Huston and Wynogene Wilkin.

Glenn’s maternal grandfather is Douglas Joseph Authement (the son of Junius Joseph Authement and Louise Hebert). Junius was born in Louisiana, the son of Augustave/Gustave Paul Authement and Modeste Flavie Rhodes. Louise was born in Louisiana, the daughter of Henry Joseph Hebert and Excelina Marie Babin.

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