Clara Paget

Birth Name: Clara Elizabeth Iris Paget

Place of Birth: Westminster, London, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 12 September, 1988

Ethnicity: English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, more distant Jersey [Channel Islander]

Clara Paget is a British model and actress. She is the daughter of Georgeanne Elizabeth Elliott (Downes) and Charles Alexander Vaughan Paget, 8th Marquess of Anglesey.

Clara’s “Paget” family can be traced back to William Paget, 1st Lord Paget (of Beaudesert), who was born, c. 1506.

Clara’s paternal grandfather was George Charles Henry Victor Paget, 7th Marquess of Anglesey (the son of Charles Henry Alexander Paget, 6th Marquess of Anglesey, and of Lady Victoria Marjorie Harriet Manners). Clara’s great-grandfather Charles was the son of Lord Alexander Victor Paget and The Hon. Hester Alice Stapleton-Cotton. Lady Victoria was the daughter of Henry John Brinsley Manners, 8th Duke of Rutland, and of Marion Margaret Violet Lindsay.

Clara’s paternal grandmother was Elizabeth Shirley Vaughan Morgan (the daughter of Charles Langbridge Morgan and Hilda Campbell Vaughan). Charles was the son of Sir Charles Langbridge Morgan and Mary Watkins. Clara’s great-grandmother Hilda Vaughan Morgan was an author, and was born in Breconshire, Wales, the daughter of Hugh Vaughan Vaughan and Eva Campbell.

Clara’s maternal grandparents are Colonel John Alfred Downes and Anne J. Elliot-Deacon.

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