Luis Guzmán

Luis Guzman ethnicity

Guzmán in 2012, image via s_bukley/

Place of Birth: Cayey, Puerto Rico

Date of Birth: August 28, 1956

Ethnicity: Puerto Rican

Luis Guzmán is a Puerto Rican actor. He was raised in Greenwich Village and the Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York City. His roles include Punch-Drunk Love, School for Scoundrels, and Traffic, among many other films.

His mother’s name is Rosa. He is married to Angelita Galarza-Guzmán, and has five children. Pictures of his parents can be seen here and here.

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  1. bablah says:

    Can’t find much on his family, only these photos of his parents from his instagram:

  2. romanticcelt says:

    Ron Perlman’s Hispanic brother.

  3. Capricious says:

    This guy looks very mixed.

    African, Amerindian, Spanish, South Asian and also even Australian Aboriginal.

    I see all of these in him.

    • Devotion says:

      he looks like a typical Aboriginal Australian with some anglo-celtic ancestry.

      why do so many puerto ricans look like this …seriously? that actor who played the bad guy in Ghost from example…

      • Jello says:

        This is how the Natives of the Caribbean looked. I think he may be mixed with some kind of Native American from Puerto Rico. If he would have been mixed with black, his hair texture would have looked different. I think JLo may be part native as well.

        • Gurrl says:

          Amerindians don’t look like that. He is obviously African influenced.

        • bleachsoda says:

          tainos has an asian look to them like many other amerindians. this guy doesn’t look native he’s most likely a heavy mix between african and canary islander Spaniard like many Puerto Ricans but he can pass for Sri Lankan in my opinion he has this Australoid look

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