Justin Timberlake

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Birth Name: Justin Randall Timberlake

Place of Birth: Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.

Date of Birth: January 31, 1981

Ethnicity: English (mostly), as well as some Irish, Scottish, and Welsh, distant Dutch, French, German, and Jersey/Channel Islander

Justin Timberlake, also known as JT, is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, actor, director, and record producer. His best known songs include “Cry Me a River,” “Rock Your Body,” “SexyBack,” “My Love,” “What Goes Around… Comes Around,” “Suit & Tie,” “Mirrors,” “Can’t Stop the Feeling!,” “Filthy,” and “Say Something.” He has had leading roles in the films Model Behavior, Edison, Alpha Dog, Black Snake Moan, Southland Tales, Shrek the Third, The Love Guru, The Open Road, The Social Network, Yogi Bear, Bad Teacher, Friends with Benefits, In Time, Trouble with the Curve, Runner Runner, Inside Llewyn Davis, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, the Trolls franchise, Wonder Wheel, and Palmer, and appeared on The All-New Mickey Mouse Club. He was a member of boy band NSYNC, with Lance Bass, JC Chasez, Joey Fatone, and Chris Kirkpatrick.

Justin is the son of Lynn (Bomar) and Randall Timberlake, a choir director at a Baptist church. He is of mostly English, some Irish, Scottish, and Welsh, and distant Dutch, French, German, and Jersey [Channel Islander], ancestry. He is married to actress Jessica Biel, with whom he has two children.

There is a claim that Justin is a descendant of Henry Timberlake, an explorer born in Virginia, c. 1730, who had apparently had children with a Native American woman. The publicly available family trees of Justin Timberlake, however, show him to be a patrilineal descendant of Richard Timberlake, who was born, c. 1736, in Lancaster County, Virginia. Justin is thus not a descendant of Henry Timberlake, at least through that line.

Justin’s patrilineal line traces to Francis Timberlake, who was born, c. 1687, in London, England.

Justin’s paternal grandfather is Charles L. Timberlake (the son of John Denham Timberlake and Gladys Lucille Martin). Charles is a Minister of the Shelby Forest Baptist Church in Millington, Tennessee. John was the son of Charles Mitchell Timberlake and Eva J. Pirtle. Gladys was the daughter of Colley Edward Martin and Sarah Virginia “Sallie” Hargrove.

Justin’s paternal grandmother is Bobbye/Bobby Joice Williams (the daughter of Robert Lee Williams and Katherine Heneritta “Katie” Morris). Robert was the son of Robert Lee Williams and Annilee Sullivan. Katherine was the daughter of Clarence Morris and Frances Arnold.

Timberlake in 2007, image courtesy of Flickr

Justin’s maternal grandfather was William Silas “Bill” Bomar (the son of Silas Bryant Bomar and Lois Aileen McCraw). William was born in Tennessee. Justin’s great-grandfather Silas was the son of Robert Lee Bomar and Martha Jane “Mattie” Lumpkin. Lois was the daughter of William Gabriel/Gabrielle McCraw and Allie Blanche Bomar.

Justin’s maternal grandmother is Sadie Lee Timbs (the daughter of Clarence Andrew Timbs/Timms and Susan Florence “Susie” Joyner). Sadie was born in Tennessee. Clarence was the son of James Samuel Timbs/Timms and Lelia Eva Stocks. Susan was the daughter of Levi Ellis/V. “Lee” Joyner and Annie Demetra George.

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