Bruno Gissoni

Rio Brazil – December 28, 2016: Gissoni actor game of the stars closing the calendar of Brazilian football brings together artists musicians and famous players at Maracana, photo by Celso Pupo/

Birth Name: Bruno Sang Gissoni

Place of Birth: Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Date of Birth: 9 December, 1986

Ethnicity: Brazilian [Portuguese, one quarter Ashkenazi Jewish, at least one eighth Italian, possibly other]

Bruno Gissoni is a Brazilian actor and professional footballer. He is known for his work on the telenovelas Malhação, Flor do Caribe and Orgulho e Paixão.

His maternal half-brothers are actors Felipe Simas and Rodrigo Simas. His stepfather is Capoeira player Beto Simas. He is married to actress and model Yanna Lavigne, with whom he has two children.

Bruno’s paternal grandfather was Paulo Antonio Musa Gissoni (who likely was the son of Paulo Alfredo Gissoni and Maria Guilhermina Musa). Bruno’s grandfather Paulo was born in Minas Gerais. Bruno’s great-grandfather Paulo was born in Minas Gerais, to parents from Italy, Giuseppe “José” Gissoni and Rosa Pagliara. Maria was born in Minas Gerais, the daughter of José Soares Musa and Francisca Barros.

Bruno’s paternal grandmother was named Vera da Costa (the daughter of Nair). Vera was born in Minas Gerais.

Bruno’s maternal grandfather was Max Sang (the son of Paulo Sang and Hascha Resnitzky). Max was born in Rio de Janeiro, to Russian Jewish parents. Paulo was the son of Max/Meyer Sang and Maria. Hascha was the daughter of Moses “Moysés” Resnitzky and Bella/Bertha.

Bruno’s maternal grandmother was Glória Maria Oliveira (the daughter of Raphael Ernesto Werneck Pereira and Elza Maria de Oliveira). Glória was born in Rio de Janeiro. Raphael was born in Rio de Janeiro, the son of Ernani Soares Pereira and Ernestina Werneck. Elza was born in Rio de Janeiro, the daughter of Elysio da Silva Mattos and Maria da Glória de Oliveira.

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