Kelly Rohrbach

by follers on March 27, 2017

Birth Name: Kelly Wholey Rohrbach

Place of Birth: Connecticut

Date of Birth: January 21, 1990

Ethnicity: Irish, German, Danish, English, Swiss-German, 1/16th Italian

Kelly Rohrbach is an American model and actress.

Kelly’s paternal grandfather was Clayton John Rohrbach, Jr. (the son of Clayton John Rohrbach and Josephine Frances Langan). Kelly’s great-grandfather Clayton was the son of John Rohrbach, who was born in New York, to parents from Verkehrsprüfzentrum Berner Oberland, Thun, Bern, Switzerland, and of Elizabeth Abbeal. Josephine was the daughter of Joseph Amatio Longone/Langan, who was born in Altavilla Silentina, Provincia di Salerno, Campania, Italy, and of Blanche Freeman, who was born in Pennsylvania, to an Irish-born father.

Kelly’s paternal grandmother was Carolee Mae Anderson (the daughter of Fred George Anderson and Maude/Maud Ellen Buck). Fred was born in New York, to Danish parents. Maude was the daughter of William “Hosmer” Buck and Isabelle “Belle” A. Radley.

Kelly’s maternal grandfather was Robert C. Wholey (the son of Robert Leo Wholey and Frances C. Mullen). Kelly’s great-grandfather Robert was born in Pennsylvania, the son of Patrick Wholey, who was from Cork, Ireland, and of Ellen M. Quinlan, who was born in Wales, likely of Irish descent. Frances was also born in Pennsylvania, the daughter of Irish parents, John Mullen and Catherine.

Kelly’s maternal grandmother is Lois Mary Dinneen (the daughter of Leo A. Dinneen and Olivia Mary Anna Gensler). Leo was the son of John Dinneen, who was born in Pennsylvania, to Irish parents, and of Mathilda Och, who was born in Pennsylvania, to German parents. Olivia was the daughter of John Henry Gensler and Mary Magdelena Eiben, who was born in Germany.

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Nick Wechsler

by stlucas on March 21, 2017

Birth Name: Samuel Nicholas Wechsler

Place of Birth: Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.

Date of Birth: September 3, 1978

Ethnicity: English, German, Swiss-German, possibly other

Nick Wechsler is an American actor. He was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the son of Joseph Adolph Wechsler and Janet Ruth (Latsha).

Nick’s maternal grandfather was George Phillip Latsha. His parents were Samuel Merritt Latsha (the son of Paul Hoffman Latsha and Ellen Knight) and Dora Phillips. Paul’s parents were Samuel Latsha and Lovina Hoffman. Ellen’s parents were Merritt Knight and Melissa Oliver.

George’s surname “Latsha” was originally spelt “Latschar”, and can be traced back to Peter Joseph Latschar, who was born in Latterbach, Switzerland, the son of Hans Heinrich Latschar and Anna Maria. George also had English and German ancestry, with roots in Rhineland-Palatinate and Bavaria, Germany.

Nick’s maternal grandmother was Wilma Jean Lazarine.

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Scott Adsit

by madman on March 6, 2017

Birth Name: Robert Scott Adsit

Place of Birth: Northbrook, Illinois, United States

Date of Birth: November 26, 1965

Ethnicity: English, Scottish, Swiss-German, German, Scots-Irish (Northern Irish), Dutch, distant Welsh

Scott Adsit is an American actor, voice actor, writer, and comedian. He is the son of Genevieve “Genny” LaVerne (Butz) and Andrew Scott Adsit.

Scott’s paternal grandparents were Harold Carlyle Adsit (the son of Joseph Sherman Adsit and Anna Leola Scott). Joseph was the son of DeWitt Clinton Adsit and Lorinda S. Galloway. Anna was the daughter of William Trumball Scott and Martha R. Rothgeb.

Scott’s paternal grandmother was Esther Louise Gillfillan (the daughter of Andrew J. Gillfillan and Harriet Louise Cartmell). Andrew was the son of Andrew J. Gillfillan and Sarah Jane McClellan. Harriet was the daughter of N. B. Cartmell and Jennie Hartwell, who was Canadian.

Scott’s maternal grandfather was Robert Coryell Butz (the son of James Willoughby Butz and Eva Benson Athey). James was the son of Willoughby John Butz and Sarah Nagle. Eva was the daughter of Marshall Athey and Sarah Melvina Benson.

Scott’s maternal grandmother was Laverne/Leverne Kellon/Kellam (the daughter of William F. Kellam and Genevieve Huckaby). Genevieve was the daughter of H. Harold Huckaby and G. Anna.

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Evan Dando

by madman on February 25, 2017

Birth Name: Evan Griffith Dando

Place of Birth: Essex, Massachusetts, United States

Date of Birth: March 4, 1967

*Welsh, English, German, French Huguenot, Irish, Swiss-German (father)
*Swedish, possibly other (mother)

Evan Dando is an American singer, songwriter, and musician. He is the singer and guitarist of the rock band The Lemonheads.

Evan is the son of Susan (Schmedes), a model, and Jeffrey Dando. He has stated:

My family have a history of religion and addictions. My grandfather was a Jesus freak and an alcoholic. I never met him – nor did my mother, for that matter. I come from a weird demon spawn, a couple of weird Swedes and a Welsh person or something.

Evan’s father has Welsh, English, German, French Huguenot, Irish, and Swiss-German, ancestry. The Swedish presumably comes from his mother’s side.

Evan’s paternal grandfather was William Albert Dando (the son of Albert James Dando and Anna W. Griffith). Albert’s father was Welsh. Anna was the daughter of William C. Griffith and Laura K. Walton.

Evan’s paternal grandmother was Margaret “Peg” Ellis (the daughter of Raymond Grant Ellis and Helen Alberta Trapier). Raymond was the son of George Wilson Ellis and Anna Mary Light. Helen was the daughter of William Shubrick/Whindam Trapier and Mary Ann Roberts, whose parents were English.

Evan’s maternal grandmother was Hazel D. Schmedes.

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Eli Manning

by bearboy on February 21, 2017

Birth Name: Elisha Nelson Manning

Place of Birth: New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.

Date of Birth: January 3, 1981

Ethnicity: English, some Scottish, German, and Swiss-German, remote French

Eli Manning is an American professional football player. He is an NFL quarterback, and plays for the New York Giants.

Eli is the son of Olivia (Williams) and Archie Manning (Elisha Archibald Manning). His father was also a professional football player, as is his brother, Peyton Manning.

Eli’s paternal grandfather was Elisha Archibald Manning (the son of Archibald Elisha Manning and Annie Sophia Gaddy). Eli’s great-grandfather Archibald was the son of Richard Elam Manning and Elizabeth Ann Pevey. Eli’s great-grandmother Annie was the daughter of John Columbus Gaddy and Virginia Johnson.

Eli’s paternal grandmother was Jane Elizabeth Nelson (the daughter of Joseph Lafayette Nelson and Olivia Beady).

Eli’s maternal grandfather was Amzie Cooper Williams (the son of Amzie Jackson Williams and Nannie Mae Stribling). Nannie was the daughter of John Nathaniel Stribling and Virginia Lee Lang.

Eli’s maternal grandmother was Frances Irene Thomas (the daughter of John James Seale Thomas and Mary Bell Warren). John was the son of Abraham Elijah Thomas and Virginia Eveline Seale. Mary Bell was the daughter of William Moses Warren and Clara Swan Hamilton.

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