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Birth Name: Alexander Troy Tamasaburo Iwata

Place of Birth: Riverside, California, United States

Date of Birth: February 10, 1991

*father – Japanese
*mother – Ashkenazi Jewish

Troy Iwata is an American actor. He has appeared on Netflix series Dash & Lily.

His father is from California, and is of Japanese descent. His mother is Ashkenazi Jewish.

Troy’s paternal grandfather was Richard Hiroshi/Heroshi Iwata (the son of Tamasaburo Iwata and Isao/Iran Otsuka). Richard was born in California, to Japanese parents.

Troy’s paternal grandmother was Victoria Katsuko “Vickie” Hata (the daughter of Torao Hata and Naka Nakamura). Victoria was born in Hawaii, to parents from Japan.

Troy’s maternal grandfather was Seymour Blatt (the son of Clarence Wander Blatt and Katherine Login). Seymour was born in Newark, New Jersey, to a Jewish family. Clarence was born in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Katherine was born in New Jersey, to a father from Russia and a mother from Austria.

Troy’s maternal grandmother is named Betsy Rose.

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  1. jonasbsjr says:

    There are full Ashkenazi Jews, like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who look just as Asian as him. Other examples that i can name at the top of my head are Gal Gadot and the great and late Gilbert Gottfried.

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