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LOS ANGELES - DECEMBER 02: Alicia Witt at the "Art of Elysium An

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Birth Name: Alicia Roanne Witt

Place of Birth: Worcester, Massachusetts, U.S.

Date of Birth: August 21, 1975

*37.5% Irish
*25% Italian
*18.75% French-Canadian
*12.5% Polish
*6.25% English/possibly other

Alicia Witt is an American actress, singer, songwriter, and pianist. She is known for her leading roles in the films Urban Legend, The Upside of Anger, and Last Holiday, among others.

Alicia is the daughter of Diane and Robert Witt. Her father was of one quarter Polish and one half Irish ancestry, along with French-Canadian and likely English roots. Her mother was of half Italian, one quarter French-Canadian, and one quarter Irish, ancestry. Her family’s surname was originally Witcoski.

Alicia’s paternal grandfather was George Lawrence Witt (born George Witcoski, the son of Petrus/Peter Paul Witcoski/Witt and Eva Josephine Bonner). George was born in Massachusetts. Petrus was born in Pennsylvania, to Polish parents, Adam Witcoski and Anna Wente/Went. Eva had French-Canadian and possibly English ancestry, and was the daughter of Charles Corlis Boney and Marie Marguerite Louise Faneuf/Fenner.

Alicia’s paternal grandmother was Mary Loretta McAvoy (the daughter of Hugh P. Mcavoy and Elizabeth Leishman Farrell). Mary was born in Connecticut. Hugh was born in Connecticut, to Irish parents, Michael Mcavoy and Ann. Elizabeth was born in Renfrewshire, Scotland, to Irish parents, John Farrel/Farrell and Helen/Ellen Sharkie/Sharkey, who was from Donough, Fermanagh.

Alicia’s maternal grandfather was Thomas Ronald Pietro (the son of Joseph Pietro/Pietroia and Elizabeth Baretti/Parretti/Perretti). Thomas was born in Massachusetts. Joseph was Italian, from Sepino, Molise, and was the son of Guiseppi Pietroia and Mary. Elizabeth was born in New York, to Italian parents, Joseph Perretti and Mary.

Alicia’s maternal grandmother was Claire Annella LaRose (the daughter of Louis H. Larose and Katherine T. O’Loughlin). Claire was born in Massachusetts. Louis was born in Massachusetts, to French-Canadian parents, George Larose and Julia Anna Paquette. Katherine was born in Massachusetts, to Irish parents, Peter O’Loughlin and Mary Welsh.

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  1. bablah says:

    >Elizabeth Leishman Farrell).
    >to Irish parents, John Farrel and Helen/Ellen Sharkie.

    >Elizabeth Baretti/Parretti/Perretti).
    >Italian, from Sepino, Molise.

  2. andrew says:

    Elizabeth Baretti was the daughter of Mary.

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