Ryan Eggold

Eggold in 2009, photo by s_bukley/ Bigstock.coms

Birth Name: Ryan James Eggold

Place of Birth: Lakewood, Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: August 10, 1984

*father – German, small amount of Austrian
*maternal grandfather – Croatian
*maternal grandmother – Ashkenazi Jewish

Ryan Eggold is an American actor.

Ryan’s father is of German, and more distant Austrian, descent. Ryan’s mother is of half Croatian (from her own father) and half Austrian Jewish (from her own mother) descent. Ryan went to a Catholic school.

Ryan’s paternal grandfather was Elmer Francis Eggold (the son of Henry John Eggold and Clara Wilhelmine Rosa Guelzow). Elmer was born in Nebraska. Henry was the son of Heinrich Johann Eggold, whose parents were from Austria and Prussia, and of Lisette Marie Fischer, whose parents were German. Clara was born in Illinois, to German parents, Karl Christian Ludwig Guelzow and Fredericke Dorothea Christine Marie Kohn. Elmer’s stepmother was Helen Marie Burdorf, who was born in Nebraska, and was also of German descent.

Ryan’s paternal grandmother was Ruth L. Ungrodt (the daughter of John Arthur Ungrodt and Esther Stoffel). Ruth was born in Wisconsin. John’s father was born in South Africa. Esther was the daughter of Peter T. Stoffel, who was of German descent, and of Wilhelmine/Wilhelmina Mary Palm, whose parents were German.

Ryan’s maternal grandfather was Michael P. “Mike” Benik (the son of George Benik and Katie/Katherine Yarnovich/Pavlopovich). Michael was born in Ohio, to Croatian parents.

Ryan’s maternal grandmother was Martha Spitz (the daughter of Otto Spitz and Eugenie Lichtblau). Martha was born in Vienna, Austria, to a Jewish family. She moved to London, England, in 1939, and to California in 1949. Otto was the son of Ernestine. Eugenie was the daughter of Leopold Lichtblau, who was born in Senica, Trnava Region, Slovakia, and of Therese Regine Friedmann.

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