Randy Harrison

Birth Name: Randolph Clarke Harrison

Place of Birth: Nashua, New Hampshire, U.S.

Date of Birth: November 2, 1977

Ethnicity: English, small amount of German, distant Dutch and French

Randy Harrison is an American actor. He is known for his role on the show Queer as Folk.

All his family lines go deep into the U.S.

Randy’s paternal grandfather was COL Robert Butler Harrison (the son of Henry Norris Harrison and Marjorie Mary Butler). Robert was born in Pennsylvania. Henry was the son of Charles Leland Harrison and Catharine Yates Norris. Marjorie was the daughter of Robert Gordon Butler and Mary Leland Thorp.

Randy’s paternal grandmother was Alice Elizabeth Fontaine (the daughter of Edgar Clarke Fontaine and Mary Hearne Stevenson). Alice was born in Maryland. Edgar was the son of Edgar Fountaine and Alice Cordelia Julian. Mary was the daughter of James Groff Stevenson and Elizabeth Chew Hearn.

Randy’s maternal grandfather was Nesbitt Harold Cox (the son of Joseph Nesbitt Cox and Bessie Virginia Renner).┬áNesbitt was born in Sharpsburg, Maryland. Joseph was the son of Moses Cox and Ann T. Lorshbaugh. Bessie was the daughter of Arnolphus R. Renner and Emma Virginia Hebb.

Randy’s maternal grandmother was Marjory Grace Barnette (the daughter of Joseph Esker Barnette and Emma Nevada Smith). Marjory was born in Orange, North Carolina. Joseph was the son of John Daniel Barnett and Lucy Mariah Pritchett. Emma was the daughter of Charles Caldwell Smith and Nancy Caroline Reeves.

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