Nathan Keyes

Birth Name: Nathan William Gumke

Place of Birth: Washington, D.C., U.S.

Date of Birth: November 28, 1985

Ethnicity: German, Finnish, Swedish, English

Nathan Keyes is an American actor.

Nathan is the son of Holly (Zarfoss) and Dale Gumke. He has a brother, Chris. They were raised in York, Pennsylvania.

Nathan’s father has Bessarabia German, Swedish, and Finnish roots. Nathan’s mother is mostly of German and English descent.

Nathan’s paternal grandfather was Raymond Frederick “Ray” Gumke (the son of Christian Gumke and Rebecca Weispfenning). Christian and Rebecca were born in Russia, and were Bessarabia Germans. Christian was the son of Michael Gumke and Sophia Russhardt. Rebecca was the daughter of Johannes Weispfenning and Anna Susanna Schneider.

Nathan’s paternal grandmother was Eileen E. Ritola (the daughter of William August “Willy” Ritola and Lillian C. “Lillie” Anderson). William was born in South Dakota, to parents from Finland, August Ritola and Hilma. Lillian was Swedish.

Nathan’s maternal grandfather is Robert W. “Bob” Zarfoss (the son of William S. Zarfoss and Pauline E. Foose). William was the son of Frank J. Zarfoss and Annie R. Pauline was the daughter of Earl M. Foose and Grace A. Foust.

Nathan’s maternal grandmother is likely named Patricia.

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