Michael Barbieri

Michael Barbieri – “Spider-Man: Homecoming” World Premiere, 2017 – Photo Credit: Izumi Hasegawa / PRPhotos.com 

Place of Birth: New York City, New York, U.S. (likely)

Date of Birth: January 20, 2002

Ethnicity: Italian

Michael Barbieri is an American actor. A New York Times article about Michael described him as having “a New York Italian accent so thick it sounds the way home-cooked lasagna smells.”

Michael went to a Catholic school.

In his film Little Men (2016), Michael played a character whose mother was Chilean.

Source: http://www.interviewmagazine.com

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  1. bablah says:

    I think his paternal grandparents are John Barbieri and Emily Nanfra, but don’t add it just yet.

  2. ethnic says:

    No luck on this one.

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