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Birth Name: Cole Chase Hudson

Place of Birth: Stockton, California, U.S.

Date of Birth: May 15, 2002

Ethnicity: English, Irish, Scottish, German, Swiss-German, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, likely some French and Italian, distant Dutch

Huddy is an American social media personality, singer, and actor. He is known for co-founding TikTok collective The Hype House. He also sometimes goes by Lil Huddy, LilHuddy, and Chase Hudson.

Huddy’s paternal grandfather is named Jack P. Hudson.

Huddy’s paternal grandmother is Diane M. Buckley (the daughter of Arthur Archie Buckley and Rhea Myrtle Littlefield). Arthur was born in California, the son of Thomas Joseph “Jimmie” Buckley and Marie Agnes Parenti/Paranto. Rhea was born in Utah, the daughter of Joseph Orson Littlefield and Myrtle Alice Newbold, whose father was English.

Huddy’s great-great-grandmother Marie Agnes was listed as a native of Switzerland, Sweden, and Denmark on the 1910 and 1930, 1920, and 1940 U.S. Censuses, respectively, and was either born to parents from France, or to parents from Italy and France.

Huddy’s maternal grandfather is likely Steven M. Leonard (the son of Bertrand Thomas Leonard and Norene Madora Stockinger). Steven was born in California. Bertrand was born in California, the son of Hugh Joseph Leonard, whose parents were Irish, and of Alice Mae Haberlan, whose parents were also Irish. Norene was born in Nebraska, the daughter of Walter Louis Stockinger and Myrtle N. Dennon.

Huddy’s maternal grandmother is Geraldine Fish (the daughter of Lawrence Wellington Fish and Mildred Dell Lyon). Lawrence was born in Minnesota, the son of Paul Wellington Fish, whose parents were English, and of Grace Alberta Tyner. Mildred was born in Missouri, the daughter of William Calvin Lyon and Delila Forney.

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