Liane Balaban

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Birth Name: Liane Clara Balaban

Place of Birth: North York, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Date of Birth: June 24, 1980

*father – Ashkenazi Jewish
*mother – English, Irish

Liane Balaban is a Canadian actress. Her roles include the films New Waterford Girl, World Traveler, One Week, and The Grand Seduction, and the show Supernatural.

Her father is Jewish, and is originally from the Uzbek SSR, now Uzbekistan. Her mother, who is Canadian, is Catholic. Liane grew up in Willowdale, Toronto. She is married, and has a son.

Liane’s paternal grandfather was Monio Balaban (the son of Yehuda Leib Balaban and Chaya/Clara Merenfeld).

Liane’s paternal grandmother was Regina Oberhand (the daughter of Naftali Szmuel Oberhand and Rachel Ester Wajc). Naftali was the son of Yaakov Oberhand. Rachel was the daughter of Moshe Wajc and Brindl Freitag.

Liane’s maternal grandfather was Vincent/Vince Albert Chown (the son of Albertus Linton Chown and Mary Ann Farley). Albertus was the son of Lewis James Chown, whose parents were English, and of Elizabeth Knapp. Mary Ann was the daughter of Peter Farley and Catharine/Kathleen/Kate Hollis.

Liane’s maternal grandmother was Margaret Ward Edgar (the daughter of John M. Edgar and Margaret Ward).


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  1. andrew says:

    If it’s correct, Yehuda Leib Balaban was a printing house owner from Brody (now Ukraine):

  2. stlucas says:

    Isn’t it safe to assume she has at least partial English ancestry on her mother’s side?

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