Judy Sheindlin

31st Annual Gracie Awards Presented by the Foundation of American Women in Radio and Television

Sheindlin in 2006, photo by PrPhotos

Birth Name: Judith Susan Blum

Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: October 21, 1942

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Judy Sheindlin, also known as Judith Sheindlin and Judge Judy, is an American prosecution lawyer, family court judge, television personality, television producer, and author. She has been featured in the show Judge Judy since 1996.

Judy is the daughter of Ethel and Murray Blum. She is married to author and television personality Jerry Sheindlin. She has two children with her former husband, prosecutor Ronald Levy.

Judy’s paternal grandfather was named Jacob Israelit Blum (the son of Shaul Israelit and Rivka). Jacob was born in Odessa, in the Russian Empire. Shaul was born in Novogrudok, Belarus, the son of Moshe Mordechai Eisenstadt Israelit and Zivya.

Judy’s paternal grandmother was Lena Mininberg (the daughter of Hersh Ber Mininberg and Aydel Duckmann/Duckman). Lena was born in Russia. Aydel was the daughter of Benjamin Banish Duckman and Gittel Gertrude Dorfstein.

Judy’s maternal grandfather was named Irving Silverman. Irving was born in Russia.

Judy’s maternal grandmother was named Mary Madiefsky (the daughter of Samuel Madiefsky and Nettie). Mary was born in New York, to parents from Russia.

Judy has ancestors from Belarus, the Czech lands, Poland, Austria, Lithuania, and Germany farther back.

Source: Genealogy of Judy Sheindlin (focusing on her father’s side) – http://www.geni.com

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  1. mycarf123123 says:

    “Jacob was born in Odessa ,”‘

    meaning you should add that Ukrainian-Jewish tag as well.

  2. mycarf123123 says:

    the URL of her profile is her full name (judITH) instead of the one in title (judY)

    Shouldn’t they match?

  3. jackson9 says:

    Additional information on Judge Judy’s mothers side of family. Her mother Ethel (Blum) Silverman (1921-1980) (Brooklyn, NY) was the daughter of Irving Silverman (1893) (Russia) and Mary Madiefsky (1901-1975) (New York). Mary was the daughter of Samuel Madiefsky (1858) (Russia) and Nettie (1861) (Russia).
    Source: Ethel Silverman in the U.S. social security applications and claims index 1936-2007 (ancestry.com)

  4. bearboy says:

    She has documented non-Jewish ancestry

    • follers says:

      What are you referring to?

      • bearboy says:

        Geni.com has her ancestry going back thousands of years. The only reason I mention this is because Geni.com doesn’t tend to be able to trace Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry back as far as the did for her.

        • follers says:

          What ancestor are you referring to?

          Geni.com has deeper Ashkenazi Jewish family trees once in a while. They usually just refer to the same set of ancestors.

          • bearboy says:

            Go to page 249 and 250 of her ancestors page on Geni.com and some aren’t. Btw about our discussion when I said Robert Downey JR. was on average 20% Middle Eastern and you said every Jewish person has Middle Eastern ancestry along with Roman ancestry, how far back did that DNA test go? I realize the Jewish religion originated from the Middle East with Abraham as the fore father but if you trace Ashkenazi Jews ancestry approximately 500-1000 years like Ancestry DNA and 23andme does, very little of their ancestry is from Middle East. Very little meaning 0%-3%. I know Robert Downey Jr. is on average 37.5% Ashkenazi so how far back did that test go to say 20% Middle Eastern?

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