Melanie Fiona

Fiona in 2010, lev radin/

Birth Name: Melanie Fiona Hallim

Place of Birth: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Date of Birth: July 4, 1983

Ethnicity: Guyanese [African, Indian, Portuguese]

Melanie Fiona is a Canadian R&B singer and songwriter. She is also known as Syren Hall.

Her parents are Guyanese, and have African, Indian, and Portuguese ancestry. Melanie is married to pop-R&B singer and songwriter, and model Jared Cotter, with whom she has two children.



Curious about ethnicity

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  1. midori29 says:

    I know of her. She is mostly African of course, the Portuguese and Indian admixtures are smaller amounts. Most black or Afro -Guyanese people are African , with small amounts of Portuguese and Indian dna. But the Afro black Guyanese amount is higher. The Portuguese population of Guyana is like 2%. However, before the Portuguese came to Guyana they were mixed with African from African admixture in Portugal. Guyana has a 7% American Indian Population then a %50 percent East Indian from India population too. Then a 40% Black/Afro Guyanese population that is mostly black but has mixtures too, like African Americans.
    Melanie is more African/Afro-Guyanese though.

  2. The Beautiful Ones says:

    she looks like Chaka Khan

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