Joe Exotic

Mugshot of Joe Exotic from Santa Rosa County Jail, 2018, State of Florida

Birth Name: Joseph Allen Schreibvogel

Place of Birth: Garden City, Kansas, U.S.

Date of Birth: March 5, 1963

*father – German
*mother – German, Norwegian, English, Swiss-German, Irish

Joe Exotic is an American media personality, businessperson, and zookeeper. Known as “The Tiger King,” he operated the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park/the G.W. Zoo in Wynnewood, Oklahoma, from 1998 to 2018. He is a convicted felon. He has also used the names Joseph Maldonado-Passage, the hyphenated surnames of his two husbands, and Joseph Allen Maldonado. His life was featured on the documentaries Tiger King, America’s Most Dangerous Pets, and Shooting Joe Exotic.

He is a candidate for the Democratic Party’s nomination for President of the United States in 2024.

He was an independent candidate for President of the United States in 2016. He was also a candidate for the Libertarian Party’s nomination for President in 2024.

Joe is the son of Shirley and Francis Schreibvogel. The name schreibvogel means “writing bird” in German. He was raised mostly in Texas, and served as chief of police in Eastvale, TX. He was previously married to Travis Maldonado, until his death.

Joe’s paternal grandfather was Antone Joseph Schreibvogel (the son of Joseph Schreibvogel and Anna M. Schumacher). Antone was born in Munjor, Ellis, Kansas, to ethnic German parents, from Russia. Anna was born in Volga, the daughter of Anton Schumacher and Katharina/Katherina Elisabeth/Elizabeth Befort.

Joe’s paternal grandmother was Margaret Anna/Ann Urban (the daughter of Mathias/Matthew/Mathew S. Urban and Cathrine/Katherine Elizabeth Frank). Margaret was born in Ellis, Kansas, to ethnic German parents, from Kamenka, Saratov Oblast, Russia. Matthew was the son of Joseph Urban and Elizabeth/Elisabeth/Elizabetha Anna Erkenbracht Berg.

Joe’s maternal grandfather was Lawrence Samuel Strackeljohn (the son of Samuel Herman Strackeljohn and Lady Ruthvin Olomon). Lawrence was born in Kansas. Joe’s great-grandfather Samuel was the son of Herman Clay Strackeljohn, whose parents were German, and of Caroline Hartman, whose parents were Swiss, of Swiss-German descent. Lady was the daughter of Edwin Ruthvin Olomon and Ada Della Book.

Joe’s maternal grandmother was Jennie Elizabeth Fitzgerald (the daughter of Howard Cleveland Fitzgerald and Anni Torstensen Ulland). Jennie was born in California. Howard was the son of Samuel Cleveland Fitzgerald and Sarah Ann Tatman. Anni was born in Kongsberg, Buskerud, Norway, the daughter of Kristian Torstensen Ulland and Janna Kristiane Olson Engelbretsdr.

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