Jean Seberg

Birth Name: Jean Dorothy Seberg

Date of Birth: November 13, 1938

Place of Birth: Marshalltown, Marshall, Iowa, United States

Date of Death: 30 August, 1979

Place of Death: Paris, France

*Swedish (father)
*English, German (mother)

Jean Seberg was an American actress. She lived about half of her life in France. She was the daughter of Dorothy Arline (Benson) and Edward Waldemar Seberg.

Jean was married to film director Dennis Berry, until her death. She had a son with her former husband, Lithuanian-born French aviator, resistant, novelist, and diplomat Romain Gary; and a daughter with student revolutionary Carlos Ornelas Navarra.

Jean’s paternal grandfather was Gustaf Edward Carlson/Seberg (the son of Carl/Charles Magnus Andersson/Seberg and Christina Lovisa Isaksdotter/Isaacson). Gustaf was born in Skirö, Småland, Sweden.

Jean’s paternal grandmother was Hilma Justina Rylander (the daughter of Jan Jansson “John” Rylander and Emma Lovisa Johansdotter/Jonasdotter). Hilma was born in Hycklinge, Östergötland, Sweden.

Jean’s maternal grandfather was Jonathan Ernest Benson (the son of Thomas Benson and Delia Rosamond Bohnsack). Jonathan was born in Iowa. Thomas was born in Steeple Barton, Oxford County, England, the son of James E. Benson and Catherine Owen. Delia was born in Dankelsheim, Brunswick, Germany.

Jean’s maternal grandmother was Frances Ann “Fannie” Hart (the daughter of George Washington Hart and Miranda Jane Williams). Frances was born in Iowa, to parents from Indiana.

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