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Parker in 2012, photo by PrPhotos

Birth Name: Randolph Severn Parker III

Place of Birth: Conifer, Colorado, U.S.

Date of Birth: October 19, 1969

Ethnicity: English, Scottish, some Norwegian, possibly other

Trey Parker is an American actor, animator, writer, producer, director, and composer. He is a co-creator and spearheader of the series South Park, and has also starred in and produced the films Orgazmo and Team America: World Police, all along with his career partner Matt Stone.

Trey is the son of Sharon and Randolph “Randy” Parker, a geologist. His parents have the same names as Stan Marsh’s parents on South Park, and his father the same occupation. He has a daughter with his former wife Boogie Tillmon.

Trey’s paternal grandfather was Maurice Mabie Parker (the son of Randolph Severn Parker and Caroline/Carolyn Ruth Mabie). Maurice was born in Kansas. Trey’s great-grandfather Randolph was born in Illinois, the son of Sebastian Cabot Parker and Josephine K. “Josie” Thorsen, who was of Norwegian parentage. Caroline was born in Kansas, the daughter of Lot Dalbert Mabie and Bessie McClure.

Trey’s paternal grandmother was Betty Jewell Pinkerton (the daughter of Estes Emory Pinkerton and Iva Jewell Lawther). Betty was born in Missouri. Estes was the son of William Wiley Pinkerton and Minnie Leona Thompson. Iva was the daughter of John M. Lawther and Alice M. James.

Trey’s maternal grandfather’s surname is Kimble.

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