Dean Jagger

Birth Name: Ira Dean Jagger

Date of Birth: November 7, 1903

Place of Birth: Monroe, Allen, Ohio, United States

Date of Death: February 5, 1991

Place of Death: Santa Monica, California, U.S.

Ethnicity: English, Welsh, Irish, German, Scottish

Dean Jagger was an American actor. He won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for Twelve O’Clock High (1949).

Dean was the son of Lillian/Lilly Lenora and Albert Wilson Jagger. He was married to Etta Mae Norton, until his death. He had a daughter with his former wife Gloria Ling.

Dean’s paternal grandfather was Wilson Naomi Jagger (the son of Elias Jagger and Mariah Conkle). Wilson was born in Ohio. Elias was the son of Silas Foster Jagger and Sarah Meeker. Mariah was the daughter of Jacob Conkle and Elizabeth Weaver.

Dean’s paternal grandmother was Eliza/Liza Jane Kidd (the daughter of Nathaniel Guy Kidd and Rhoda Jennings). Eliza was born in Ohio. Nathaniel was the son of William Kidd and Anna Kaywood.

Dean’s maternal grandfather was Mitchell Henderson Mayberry (the son of Wells Mayberry and Rebecca Close). Mitchell was born in Ohio. Wells was the son of John Mayberry and Catharine Shannon/Denerson. Rebecca was the daughter of John Close and Nancy Swalley.

Dean’s maternal grandmother was Cora Jane Leath/Leith (the daughter of Vincent Crawford Leith and Elizabeth/Elisabeth Scott). Cora was born in Ohio. Elizabeth was the daughter of William Scott and Jane Lippincott.

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