Craig Ferguson

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Ferguson in 2011, photo by PrPhotos

Place of Birth: Springburn, Glasgow, Scotland

Date of Birth: 17 May, 1962

Ethnicity: Scottish, Irish

Craig Ferguson is a Scottish and American television host, comedian, author, and actor. He was the host of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson from 2005 to 2014.

Craig is the son of Janet and Robert Ferguson. Craig is married to art dealer Megan Wallace-Cunningham. His sister is writer, actress, and story coach Lynn Ferguson. He has a son with his former wife Sascha Corwin; and a son with Megan.

Some of his ancestors were Irish immigrants to Scotland.

Crag’s paternal grandfather was Peter Thrift Ferguson (the son of Robert Ferguson and Jessie Thrift). Peter was born in Glasgow.

Crag’s paternal grandmother was Bridget McGuire (the daughter of James McGuire and Annie Fox). Bridget was born in Glasgow, to an Irish father and a Scottish-born mother, who herself may have had Irish ancestry.

Craig’s maternal grandfather was James Ingram (the son of James Ingram and Jane Affleck Scott).

Craig’s maternal grandmother was Jeanie McLachlan (the daughter of Adam McLachlan and Elizabeth Devine). Adam was born in Scotland, and was of part Irish descent. Elizabeth was Irish.

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  1. jackson9 says:

    Craig Ferguson is a little less than 75% Scottish and a little more than 25% Irish. Craig was the son of Robert Ferguson (1930-2006) and Janet Scott Ingram (1933-2008). Robert was the son of Peter Thrift Ferguson and Bridget McGuire. Both paternal grandparents from Glasgow Scotland. Janet was the daughter of James Ingram and Jeanie McLachlan. Peter Thrift Ferguson was the son of Robert Ferguson (Scotland) and Jessie Thrift (Scotland). Bridget McGuire was the daughter of James McGuire (Ireland) and Annie Fox (Scotland). James Ingram was the son of James Ingram and Janes Affleck Scott. Jeanie McLachlan was the daughter of Adam McLachlan (Scotland) (already listed in profile) and Elizabeth Devine (Ireland). Although Adam McLachlan was born in Scotland he had partial Irish ancestry. This covers all eight of Craig Ferguson’s great-grandparents.

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