Share Ross

Birth Name: Sharon June Howe

Place of Birth: Glencoe, McLeod, Minnesota, United States

Date of Birth: March 21, 1962

*father – half Norwegian, half German
*mother – English, one eighth Dutch, one eighth Czech, some German, distant Scottish, likely some Irish

Share Ross is an American rock musician. She was the bass player of all-female glam metal band Vixen. Other members of the band are/were Janet Gardner, Jan Kuehnemund, and Roxy Petrucci.

Share’s paternal grandfather was Arthur L. Howe (the son of John A. Haug Howe and Bolette Sofia Marie Iversdatter). Share’s grandfather Arthur was born in Faribault, Minnesota, to Norwegian parents. John was from Rakkestad, Østfold.

Share’s paternal grandmother was Elinor Ida Harmel (the daughter of Gustave Julius Harmel and Emilie Auguste Schruhl). Elinor was born in Minnesota. Gustave was the son of Carl Harmell and Augusta Kern, who were born in Germany. Emilie was born in Jeziorki, then in the German Empire, now Poland, the daughter of August Schruhl and Emilie Mathilde Schruhl, who were ethnic Germans.

Share’s maternal grandfather was Gilbert Christian Kisor (the son of Lester Aaron Kisor and Anna Petronella De Bruyn Kops). Gilbert was born in Morristown, Minnesota. Lester was the son of Aaron Kisor, who was of mostly German descent, and of Sarah Greenfield Dunlavey. Anna was the daughter of a Dutch father, Henry de Bruyn Kops, and of a Czech mother, from Prague, Anna Petronella Sucre.

Share’s maternal grandmother was Glady Evelyn Temple (the daughter of Lewis Eddy Temple and Laura Grace Henry). Gladys was born in Rice, Minnesota, and had deep roots in the U.S. Lewis was the son of Jonathan Peterson Temple and Diantha Rhoda Osborn. Laura was the daughter of William Birchmore Henry and Elizabeth Guist.

Source: Genealogy of Share Ross –

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