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Birth Name: Cheryl Ruth Hines

Place of Birth: Miami Beach, Florida, U.S.

Date of Birth: September 21, 1965

Ethnicity: Irish, English

Cheryl Hines is an American actress, comedian, producer, and director.

Cheryl is married to radio host and environmental activist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., the son of politician Robert F. Kennedy. Cheryl has a daughter with her former husband, businessperson Paul Young.

Cheryl’s paternal grandfather was James Earl Hines (the son of Richard Edward Hines and Nora/Norah Josephine Keough). James was born in New York. Richard was the son of George W. Hines and Annie Piety Helferstay. Nora was Irish.

Cheryl’s paternal grandmother was named Ruth Smith. Ruth was born in Florida.

Cheryl’s maternal grandfather was Frank Henry Graham (the son of Frank Henry Graham and Corinne Shaughnessy). Cheryl’s grandfather Frank was born in Alabama. Corinne was the daughter of James Shaughnessy and Bridget Cecile Kane.

Cheryl’s maternal grandmother was named Rosaleine Agnes Horty.

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