Brian Cox

Brian Cox

Cox in 2011, photo by

Birth Name: Brian Edward Cox

Place of Birth: Oldham, Lancashire, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 3 March, 1968

Ethnicity: English, possibly other

Brian Cox is an English physicist and musician. He is a professor of particle physics in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Manchester. He is known as a presenter in the science programs Wonders of… series.

Brian was born in Oldham, Lancashire, to parents who worked at a bank. He was a keyboard player in the bands D:ream and Dare.

Brian is married to American science presenter Gia Milinovich, with whom he has a son.

Brian’s maternal grandfather’s surname was Holden.


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. andrew says:

    his mother’s surname is “Holden”.

  2. Holly12 says:

    I am really surprised Brian Cox only has English ancestry in his ethnic background. When watching his new TV show ‘The Planets’ I distinctly thought that he had an east Asian look about himself, especially around the eye area and with his hair being so dark. Although, his hair has started to grey somewhat in recent years, but that’s natural with age. If he was not a public figure and I saw him on the street I would assume he was possibly Eurasian, or at least had partial east Asian ancestry somewhere in his background. I am very surprised to see he is only of English descent. I guess it demonstrates how varied the British Isles phenotype can be.

    Also Ethni, could you research the background of Keeley Hawes. She is a very popular English actress in the U.K and I have always been curious about her background. To me, in appearance Keeley Hawes looks very similar to Keira Knightley, especially around the eye area. Please could you delve in to her background a bit more if possible. I would be really curious to see what you could find. I believe Keeley Hawes, like Keira Knightley and also Daisy Ridley, has a distinctive British Isles look, but who knows I could be wrong. Thank-you.

    • andrew says:

      He may have Irish ancestry.

      Cox is an anglicization of a few Irish surnames, and Lancashire is an Irish hotbed too due to immigration. Anyhow he is nothing besides British Isles IMO.

  3. suzana says:

    So handsome……..

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