Anthony Fantano

Birth Name: Anthony Nicholas Fantano

Place of Birth: Wolcott, Connecticut, U.S.

Date of Birth: October 28, 1985

Ethnicity: French-Canadian, one quarter Italian, English, distant Swiss, Irish, Spanish, and First Nation/Huron

Anthony Fantano is an American music critic and YouTuber. He is known by the username The Needle Drop.

Anthony’s paternal grandfather was Nicholas Carl Fantano (the son of Pietro Giovanni Fantano and Carmella Bernardi). Nicholas was born in Wolcott, Connecticut, to Italian parents. Pietro was from Bocchigliero, Calabria.

Anthony’s paternal grandmother was Jeanette Clara LeStage (the daughter of Arthur Joseph LeStage and Catherine Emily Soucy). Jeanette was born in Burlington, Vermont. Her parents were French-Canadian. She also had distant English, Swiss, Irish, Spanish, and Huron First Nations descent.

Anthony’s maternal grandfather was Raymond Edward Larocque (the son of Wilfred Joseph Larocque and Clarinda Rosanna Pelletier). Raymond was born in New Bradford, Massachusetts. His parents were French-Canadian, from Québec. He also had distant English and Huron First Nations descent.

Anthony’s maternal grandmother was Mildred Jeanne Coupe (the daughter of Edward Raymond Coupe and Marie Imelda Potvin). Mildred was born in New Bradford, Massachusetts. Edward was born in New Bradford, to English parents, from Lancashire. Marie was born in Fall River, Massachusetts, to French-Canadian parents.

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