Ángel Di María

Di María in 2014, photo by Celso Pupo/www.bigstockphoto.com

Birth Name: Ángel Fabián Di María Hernández

Place of Birth: Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina

Date of Birth: 14 February, 1988

Ethnicity: Argentinian [Italian, Spanish, likely Indigenous, possibly other]

Ángel Di María is an Argentine professional footballer. He plays for Serie A club Juventus and the Argentina national team. He signed for Manchester United in 2014, for a record British £59.7 million. He is nicknamed “Fideo,” which means “noodle” in Spanish.

Ángel is the son of Diana Hernández and Miguel Di María. They are pictured here and here. He is married to Jorgelina Cardoso, with whom he has a daughter.

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  1. Lorenzo Spitaleri says:

    Di Maria is such an odd-looking guy. Like if I had to place a bet I would say yes he probably has at least some indigenous ancestry (just like the overwhelming majority of Latin Americans), but I can’t really point out something in him that looks evidently native in terms of facial features, and you know there can be some cases of Italians with incredibly —–, off-european traits like Gigio Donnarumma. All I know is that his italian genes definitely show in his talent, what a player he is.

    • andrew says:

      Lorenzo is from Venezuela but has a Sicilian father (at least this is what he claims).

      Di Maria mother is a person of color and his dad ain’t completely European either.

      Donnarumma is kinda weird but mind his brother has blue-grey eyes and his relatives are all giants, not typical Med features either.

    • Lorenzo Spitaleri says:

      You’re Muricansareallmutts, right? I never said he looks european or “white”, far from it, and I would bet he does have Native Ancestry. But in terms of phenotype he really doesn’t have something characteristic of Southern Cone indigenous peoples tbh. Part of his looks are more pseudo-arabic like Donnarumma (even if I disagree that this is an “Arab” look but rather the Anatolian ancestry from Neolithic farmers). Btw if you claim to be part spanish you’re by definition hispanic hahahaha.

      • andrew says:

        @ Lorenzo

        Di Maria is tipically lower-class Argentinian, his family is basically mestizo.
        Also l have rarely heard the word “polentone” in real life, it’s not by any means as popular as terrone, or burino (peasants from Latium).
        Porkarela/Muricans have reading ———— so dont expect to have a debat with her.

        • Lorenzo Spitaleri says:

          @andrew Yeah I never even once denied his likely mestizaje, but I still think he has some pseudo-semitic features. The eyes, the nose, the lips, the long midface ratio. Very particular look that doesn’t really match most italians, spaniards or mestizos. If you look at pictures of him as a kid he also kinda looks like some arab children do kinda.

          @porkarela Ironically you might be the one who doesn’t know what South American natives look like. Like at best the only Pampid feature on Di Maria would be the lips, and the ears perhaps? But I can’t expect much comprehension from a person who believes the only “white” italians are those of “iberian stock” and that the sw*rthy ones are arabs, like you do know this argument could be used against spaniards too, right?

          Look i’ve studied this half science for years, countless hours of my life wasted on these so-called “european anthropology” threads. Don’t take it personally, but I think you’re a bit deluded and your only cope is to assume that “hahaha you’re all tribal ——, you have no clue what a european looks like”, like bro this probably has a name as a logical fallacy.

        • andrew says:


          Yes, he has some pseudo-Semitic features (skull shape in particular) indeed, but evidently for a weird combination of genes he inherited, looking at his family.

    • Lorenzo Spitaleri says:

      @andrew Yeah my father is purebred sicilian, my grandparents were from Bronte in Catania. My mom is “white/spanish” but with distant native ancestry like basically all of us “panchitos” haha.

      My point stands, some italians look kinda turkish/anatolian. Like Mesut Özil looks just like Enzo Ferrari, who was polentone.

      • andrew says:

        Ti ho già detto che è del Venezuela, se hai la ——— leggi due volte i post.

      • Lorenzo Spitaleri says:

        Argentinian? hahaha I said where i’m from already. Yeah sure bro North Italians cannot look eastern at all, like Enzo Ferrari who looked like a turkish man…

        As for looks I am a mediterranean person, because you know the overwhelming majority of my ancestors are such. You’re quite an ignorant cafone if you believe spaniards and arabs had any major change in the sicilian genome. It’s been proven time and time again that southern italian dna was only really affected by 1) the Neolithic Farmers. 2) the Sicani, Siculi and Elymi original inhabitants. And 3) The mass migration of Ancient Greek colonists. The moors ruled by conversion of the majorities, not population replacement. The spaniards weren’t even that prominent either cause most would have a spanish surname in that case. And like I said in my other post, I could easily bring up the same argument on Spanish people and assume “they are a mix or Romans, Visigoths and Arabs”. Because your proud Spain had 800 years of moors — the — too.

      • andrew says:

        Lorenzo, there are not many young pics of Ferrari. Though in one he may resemble Ozil, I am not sure this qualifies him as Turkish looking.

      • Lorenzo Spitaleri says:

        Lmaoo @Porkarela you’ve confirmed to likely be some fatty ——– with —— ———. There’s a reason the ṅ@z1§ thought Alpines were a step back for their eugenicist projects. Babyfaced Mortimer-looking —. I knew you were not to be taken seriously but imagine unironically being an Alpine and talking about racial superiority HAHAHAHAHAHA.

      • andrew says:


        If you dont bother, can I ask you if you have done a DNA test?

      • Lorenzo Spitaleri says:

        @andrew Nah, can’t really afford things like that in the underdeveloped world.

        btw @porkarela i’m not reading that unintelligible word salad, how about you spend some time on the treadmill and hitting the weights instead of writing bs all day hahahah fatty

  2. Hadnodiner says:

    definitely not european

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