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Birth Name: Amy Lysle Smart

Place of Birth: Topanga, Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: March 26, 1976

Ethnicity: German, English, Irish, some Dutch, Swiss-German, and Welsh

Amy Smart is an American actress and model.

Amy is the daughter of Judy and John Smart. Her father, whose family surname was Werts, later took on the surname Smart. She is married to television personality Carter Oosterhouse, with whom she has a daughter.

Amy’s paternal grandfather was Jack Harold Werts (the son of Roy Thomas Werts and Hazel Helen Lennox). Jack was born in Iowa. Roy was the son of Theodore F. Werts and Drucilla A. Scriven. Hazel was the daughter of John A. Lennox and Frances/Fannie/Fanny McClure.

Amy’s paternal grandmother is Mary Jane Boden (born Mary Jane Bodenshatz, the daughter of John Lester Bodenshatz, later Boden, and Mary Agness Nash). Amy’s grandmother Mary Jane was born in Chicago, Illinois. John was the son of Nicholas Edward Bodenshatz and Maud Elaine Conover. Amy’s great-grandmother Mary Agness was the daughter of Elliott Elisha Nash and Jessie Winifred Van Valkenburgh.

Amy’s maternal grandfather is Geddes Warren Carrington (the son of Bennett Warner Carrington and Bernice Kroenert). Geddes was born in Texas. Bennett was the son of John Worthington Carrington and Mary Eliza Chambers. Bernice was the daughter of John Kroenert.

Amy’s maternal grandmother is Charlotte Luise Lysle (the daughter of James Caruthers Lysle and Frances Fauntleroy Fennelly). Charlotte was born in Missouri. James was the son of Eugene Dickey Lysle and Grace Phillips. Frances was the daughter of John Joseph Fennelly and Alice Janney Fauntleroy.

Source: Wedding announcement of Amy’s maternal grandparents, Geddes Warren Carrington and Charlotte Luise Lysle –

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  1. JackB says:

    Whilst McClure can be Irish,Scottish, or Manx (all Celtic) Lennox is Scottish. Yet no mention of Scottish ancestry.

  2. me says:

    She looks have some black in her.

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