Vanessa Marcil

by Lil Vacha on October 10, 2009

2004 NBC All Star Party - Arrivals

Birth Name: Sally Vanessa Ortiz

Place of Birth: Indio, Riverside, California, United States

Date of Birth: October 15, 1968

*Mexican (father)
*French-Canadian, French, German, and English (mother)

Vanessa Marcil is an American actress. Her father, Peter Ortiz, was of Mexican background. Her mother, Patricia (Marcil), is of French-Canadian, French, German, and English, ancestry.

Vanessa has a son with her former partner, actor and musician Brian Austin Green.

Vanessa has also been described as having Portuguese and/or Italian ancestry. It is not clear if this is correct.

Vanessa’s paternal grandparents were Pete Montoya Ortiz and Sally Barriqas Nieto.

Vanessa’s maternal grandfather was Jean-Joseph Marcil (the son of Theophile Joseph Marcil and Marie-Zélima Corine Boiteau). Jean-Joseph was Canadian, from a French-Canadian family, from Manitoba. Theophile was the son of Louis Marcil and Élise Lavallée. Marie-Zélima was the daughter of Jean Boiteau and Corine Tremblay.

Vanessa’s maternal grandmother was Suzanna Lenora DeMay (the daughter of Emil DeMay and Harriet Irene Knipe). Suzanna had French, German, and English ancestry. Emil was born in Missouri, the son of Julius Henry DeMay and Hattie Ringling.

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This Megan Fox’s husband’s baby mama.

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