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Birth Name: Romina Francesca Power

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: October 2, 1951

Ethnicity: Dutch (maternal grandfather), English, German, Mexican, Irish, French-Canadian/French Huguenot/French, Spanish, distant Dutch

Romina Power is an Italian singer and actress. She was part of the pop music duo Al Bano and Romina Power, with her former husband, Italian singer, songwriter, actor, and winemaker Al Bano (Albano Carrisi).

Romina is the daughter of American actor Tyrone Power (Tyrone Edmund Power, Jr.) and Mexican actress Linda Christian (born Blanca Rosa Welter). Her father was of Irish, English, French-Canadian/French Huguenot, German, and distant Dutch, descent. Her mother was of Dutch, German, Spanish, and French ancestry. Her sister was actress Taryn Power.

Romina was named after the city of Rome, where her parents fell in love. Romina is a polyglot who speaks five languages, English, Italian, Spanish, French, and Dutch.

Romina has had four children with Albano Carrisi. Their daughter, Ylenia Carrisi, went missing in New Orleans, Louisiana, in 1994.

Romina’s paternal grandfather was Tyrone Power, Sr. (born Frederick Tyrone Edmond Power, the son of Harold Littledale Power and Ethel Lavenu). Romina’s grandfather Tyrone was born in Marylebone, Middlesex, London, England, and was a prominent actor. He had Irish, English, and French Huguenot ancestry. Romina’s great-grandfather Harold was a singer, actor, and merchant. Harold’s father, William Gratton Tyrone Power, born in Kilmacthomas, County Waterford, Ireland, was an actor and comedian, under the name Tyrone Power. Harold’s mother was Anne Gilbert. Romina’s great-grandmother Ethel was a noted stage actress. Ethe’s father was Lewis Henry Lavenu, a composer, conductor, musician, and impresario, whose own father was publisher Lewis Lavenu (Lewis Augustus Lavenu). Ethel’s mother was Julia Blosset.

Romina’s paternal grandmother was Helen Emma Reaume (the daughter of Charles William Reaume and Mary Adelaide Schuster). Helen was born in Indiana, and had French-Canadian, German, English, and Dutch ancestry. Charles was the son of Anthony/Antoine Reaume and Jane Cary. Mary was the daughter of Paul Schuster, who was an ethnic German from Strasburg, Alsace-Lorraine, France, and of Amanda Eleanor Brazee.

Romina’s maternal grandfather was named Gerardus Jacob Welter. Gerardus was Dutch.

Romina’s maternal grandmother was Blanca Rosa Vorhauer Villalobos (the daughter of Philip Vorhauer and Josefina Villalobos). Blanca was of Spanish, German, and French descent.

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  1. Coneicon says:

    With such dark features, I wonder how her daughter turned out a fair complected blue eyed blonde.

    • passingtime85 says:

      Just based on her profile picture alone, it’s not surprising about the eyes. It looks like she has central heterochromia in both eyes.

  2. madman says:

    Dutch (maternal grandfather), English, German, Mexican, 1/16th Irish, 1/16th French-Canadian, small amount of French/French Huguenot

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