Chuck Palahniuk

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Chuck Palahniuk – “Choke” New York City Special Screening – Arrivals – Landmark Sunshine Cinemas, 143 Houston Street – New York City, NY, USA –  Photo Credit: Anthony G. Moore / PR Photos

Birth Name: Charles Michael Palahniuk

Place of Birth: Pasco, Washington, U.S.

Date of Birth: February 21, 1962

*Ukrainian (father)
*French-Canadian, English, Irish, 1/4 Belgian (mother)

Chuck Palahniuk is an American novelist and journalist.

Chuck is the son of Carol Adele (Tallent) Meader and Fred Leander Palahniuk. He was raised in Burbank, Washington. Chuck is said to be distantly related to actor and singer Jack Palance.

Chuck’s paternal grandfather was Nick Palahniuk (the son of George Palahniuk and Mary Stuss). Nick was born in Boryshkivtsi, Galicia, Austria-Hungary, into an ethnic Ukrainian family. George was born in Galicia, the son of Adam Palahniuk and Nanacian. Mary was also born in Galicia.

Chuck’s paternal grandmother was Pareska Jeromchek (the daughter of Wenzel Jeromchek and Mary Fronchek). Pareska was also of Ukrainian ancestry. Wenzel was born in Austria-Hungary.

Chuck’s maternal grandfather was Joseph J. Tallent (the son of Charles Arthur Tallent and Josephine De Kelaer). Charles was the son of Edward Tallent, who was English, and of Catherine Cummings, who was Irish. Josephine was the daughter of Belgian parents, Frank De Kelaer/De Keliar and Mary Vincent.

Chuck’s maternal grandmother was Ruth Adel/Adele Remillard (the daughter of Edward Stephen “Steve” Remillard and Lou White). Edward was the son of Edward Remillard, who was Canadian, and of Asylda Benjamin, whose parents were Canadian.

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Kyle Kuzma

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Place of Birth: Flint, Michigan, U.S.

Date of Birth: July 24, 1995

*African-American (father)
*Ukrainian, English, German (mother)

Kyle Kuzma is an American professional basketball player. His mother, Karri Kuzma, is white, and has Ukrainian, English, and German ancestry. Little is known about his father, but it is assumed that he is African-American.

Kyle’s maternal grandfather is named Kenneth Gene Kuzma.

Kyle’s maternal grandmother is Cheryl Lynn Pickelman (the daughter of Albert Junior Pickelman and Martha Virginia Redding). Albert was the son of Albert George Pickelman and Amalia “Molly” Zeitler, who was born in the Volga village of Krasenyahr, Russia, to ethnic German parents. Martha was the daughter of James Lynn Redding and Myrtle Irene Crow.

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Ruben Fleischer

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Birth Name: Ruben Samuel Fleischer

Place of Birth: Washington, D.C., U.S.

Date of Birth: October 31, 1974

*Ashkenazi Jewish (father)
*Welsh, Ukrainian or Rusyn (mother, who converted to Judaism)

Ruben Fleischer is an American film director and producer, television producer, and music video and commercial director.

Ruben is the son of Karen Lee (Samuel) and David Elliot Fleischer. Ruben’s father is Jewish. Ruben’s mother, who is of Welsh and Ukrainian or Rusyn descent, converted to Judaism. Ruben is married to Holly Shakoor.

Ruben’s paternal grandfather was Jack Fleischer (the son of Ruben/Rubin Fleischer and Rose/Fanny). Jack was born in New York, to parents from Russia.

Ruben’s paternal grandmother was Irma Lee Zimmerman (the daughter of David Elliot/Elliott Zimmerman and Esther Segal). David was the son of Max/Mordecai Chesler Zimmerman, who was from Lithuania, and of Esther Sussie Fleischman, who was from Poland. Ruben’s great-grandmother Esther Segal was the daughter of Abraham Segal and Rachel Kudysch/Kudisch, who were from Kiev, Ukraine.

Ruben’s maternal grandfather was Haydn Samuel/Samuels (the son of Haydn/Hayden J. Samuel/Samuels and Hattie Crandon). Ruben’s great-grandfather Haydn was the son of Rees/Reese Samuels, who was Welsh, and of Rachel Jones, whose parents were Welsh. Hattie was the daughter of William Thomas Crandon and Mary C. Thomas, who were from Tredegar and Bedwellty, Monmouth, Wales, respectively.

Ruben’s maternal grandmother was Dorothy Natishyn (the daughter of Alexandrew “Alex” Natishyn/Notteskin and Mary Lesavage). Alexandrew and Mary were born in either Poland or Austria. The surname Natishyn/Hnatyshin/Gnatyshyn (Гнати́шин) likely has origins in the Ukrainian portion of Bukovina, in Central Europe (now Ukraine). The family was either Ukrainian or Rusyn.

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Michael Kors

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Michael Kors – 2014 God’s Love We Deliver, Golden Heart Awards – Arrivals – Spring Studios – New York City, NY, USA – Photo Credit: Janet Mayer /

Birth Name: Karl Anderson, Jr.

Place of Birth: Long Island, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: August 9, 1959

*Swedish (paternal grandfather)
*Ukrainian (paternal grandmother)
*Ashkenazi Jewish (mother)

Michael Kors is an American fashion designer.

Michael is the son of Joan (Hamburger) and Karl Anderson, Sr. Michael was raised in Merrick, New York, by his mother and stepfather, Bill Kors, and later changed his surname to Kors. Michael is married to Lance Le Pere.

Michael has described himself as Swedish and Jewish. Michael’s father was of half Swedish and half Ukrainian descent. Michael’s mother was of Austrian Jewish ancestry.

Michael’s paternal grandfather was Karl/Charles “Charlie” Anderson. Karl was Swedish.

Michael’s paternal grandmother was Mary Zockoff (the daughter of Michael V. Zockoff/Zackoff and Paraska Marie). Mary was born in New York, to parents who were born in Ukraine, and were likely ethnic Ukrainians.

Michael’s maternal grandfather was Austin Howard Hamburger (the son of Edward A. Hamburger and Julia Friedman). Edward was born in Austria. Julia was born in New York, to parents from Austria.

Michael’s maternal grandmother was Beatrice Bernice Tuchfeld (the daughter of Max Tuchfeld and Ina/Lena Kalter). Max and Ina were born in Austria.

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Meaghan Waller

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Meaghan Waller – Canada’s Next Top Model Winner Meaghan Waller Visits MuchOnDemand on July 15, 2009 – CTV Queen Street Headquarters – Toronto, Canada – Photo Credit: Robin Wong / PR Photos

Birth Name: Meaghan DeWarrenne-Waller

Place of Birth: Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Date of Birth: October 16, 1989

*Ukrainian, Polish, English, possibly Icelandic and other (father)
*Scottish (mother)

Meaghan Waller is a Canadian fashion model. Meaghan is known for being the winner of the third season of Canada’s Next Top Model.

Meaghan is the daughter of Val and Richard Waller. Meaghan has a brother, Matthew. They were raised in Charleswood, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

It is said that her mother is of Scottish descent and her father is of Icelandic, Polish, Ukrainian, and other, ancestry.

Meaghan’s paternal grandfather was Barry Waller. “Waller” is usually an English surname.

Meaghan’s paternal grandmother was Elizabeth “Bette” Cherneski (the daughter of Joseph Adam Cherneski and Ann/Anne Presunka). Ann was born in either Poland or Austria, the daughter of and George Presunka and Teenie Goran.


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