Isabel Preysler

Preysler in 2015, photo:

Birth Name: María Isabel Preysler Arrastia

Place of Birth: Manila, Philippines

Date of Birth: 18 February, 1951

Ethnicity: Spanish, Filipino [Kapampangan], possibly distant Austrian

Isabel Preysler is a Spanish and Filipino journalist, socialite, and television host.

Her ancestry is Spanish and Kapampangan Filipino, with possible, distant, Austrian roots. She is the daughter of Carlos Pérez de Tagle Preysler, the executive director of Philippine Airlines, and María Beatriz Arrastia y Reynares, who owned a real estate company. Isabel has five children: three, journalist and socialite Chabeli Iglesias, singer and songwriter Julio Iglesias, Jr., and singer, songwriter, and actor Enrique Iglesias, with her former husband, Spanish singer and songwriter Julio Iglesias; a daughter, socialite and television personality Tamara Falcó, with her former husband, Marquis of Griñón, Carlos Falcó; and a daughter with her former husband, Spanish finance minister Miguel Boyer, to whom she was married until his death.

Isabel’s paternal grandfather was Don Fausto Preysler y Moreno (the son of Don Joaquín Preysler/Preisler Cernuda and Doña Natalia Moreno Ravelo). Fausto was born in Tuguegarao City, Cagayan, Cagayan Valley, Philippines. Joaquín and Natalia were born in Cádiz, Cádiz, Andalusia, Spain. Joaquín was the son of Don Joaquín Preysler/Preisler Moreno and Doña Josefa Cernuda Cuervo. Natalia was the daughter of Don José Moreno and Doña Joaquina Ravelo.

Isabel’s paternal grandmother was María Carmen Pérez de Tagle Pastor (the daughter of Don Benito Pérez de Tagle y Mijares and Doña Carmen Pastor Teves). Isabel’s grandmother María was born in Dumaguete, Negros Oriental, Central Visayas, Philippines. Benito was the son of Don Luciano Pérez de Tagle y Torres and Doña Máxima Mijares Vda. Mijares y Morillo. Isabel’s great-grandmother Carmen was the daughter of Don Manuel Pastor y Landero, who was born in Cádiz, Andalusia, Spain, and of Doña Eugenia Teves y Villamil.

Isabel’s maternal grandfather was José Salgado Arrastia (the son of Don Valentín Arrastia Roncal and Francisca Serrano Salgado). Valentín was born in Allo, Navarra, Spain, the son of Justo Arrastia Remírez and Crispula Jacoba Roncal Aramendia. Francisca was the daughter of Don José Salgado Tan-Ayco and Doña Juana Serrano Montemayor.

Isabel’s maternal grandmother was named Teodorica Reinares.

Isabel’s maternal grandfather, José Salgado Arrastia, was also a paternal great-grandfather of American actor Steven R. McQueen, making Isabel and Steven half-first cousins, once removed.


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  1. Akwaba says:

    Her daughter, Tamara Falcó, is a socialite and television personality

  2. madman says:

    So her Austrian ancestry is verified but Enrique’s is just “possible”? One of the pages should be changed.

    By the way, the link on Enrique’s name is to Julio Iglesias’ page.

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