Tom Segura

by madman on September 13, 2018

Birth Name: Thomas W. Segura

Place of Birth: Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.

Date of Birth: April 16, 1979

*French-Canadian, Irish, English, Cajun/French, Spanish (father)
*Peruvian (mother)

Tom Segura is an American comedian, actor, and podcaster.

Tom has written:

I’m unequal parts French, Spanish, Peruvian, and Irish. The part of me that likes to smell your stinky stuff, I’m guessing that’s French.

Tom has also stated:

Now, as you can tell, I speak beautiful, perfect Spanish. And… It is to no credit of my own. My mother is Peruvian, and her English wasn’t good. So, she spoke to us in Spanish. And that’s how I picked up on Spanish. I get so many different reactions when people find out I speak Spanish. I either get completely incredulous people who are like, “Holy fuckin’ shit. I can’t believe what’s coming out of your mouth right now. I think I’m gonna piss my pants.” And I’m like, “I don’t speak Aramaic. I speak Spanish. Why is this…?” They’re like, “It’s not supposed to come outta you, bro.”

Tom’s mother is Peruvian. His paternal grandfather had Spanish and Cajun (French) ancestry on one side and British Isles/English on the other, and his paternal grandmother was of half French-Canadian and half Irish descent.

Tom is married to stand-up comedian and podcaster Christina Pazsitzky, with whom he has two children.

Tom’s paternal grandfather likely was Horatio Weston Segura (the son of Joseph Otto Segura and Mable/Mabel Weston). Joseph was born in Louisiana, the son of Odra Emmanuel Segura and Emethilde Broussard, and had Spanish and Cajun/French ancestry. Mable was the daughter of Horatio Stephen Weston and Elizabeth A. Wall, and was of British Isles descent.

Tom’s paternal grandmother likely was Jane Ann Nadeau (the daughter of Alexandre Thomas Nadeau and Cecilia Margaret Stack). Alexandre was born in Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada, the son of Jean Baptiste Nadeau and Mary Louise Drolet. Cecilia was the daughter of John King Stack, who was born in Duagh, County Kerry, Ireland, and of Jane Ann Brown, who was born in Goderich, Ontario, Canada, to an Irish father and a Welsh-born mother, who was likely of Irish descent.

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Peter Mel

by stlucas on July 12, 2018

Birth Name: Peter J. Mel

Place of Birth: Santa Cruz, California, United States

Date of Birth: November 24, 1969

Ethnicity: English, German, Irish, 1/16th mix of Mexican and Peruvian [including Spanish], 1/64 French

Peter Mel is an American professional surfer.

Peter is the son of Frances Kimberly “Kim” (Sartoriu/Sartorius) and John Michael Mel.

Peter’s paternal grandfather was Peter John Mel (the son of the Capt. John Mel and Margaret Ysabel Goffey/Gaffey). Peter was born in California. John was born in California, the son of Jean Hosten Henri Mel de Fontenay, whose father was born in England to a French father and an English mother, and of Nellie Forst Mann, whose father was German. Margaret was the daughter of John Tracy Gaffey, who was Irish, and of Maria Arcadia Bandini/Bandine, who was of Spanish, Mexican, and some Peruvian descent.

Peter’s paternal grandmother was Nancy Tillett/Tillet (the daughter of Ernest/Earnest Noel Tillett and Sue Bettie Reade). Nancy was born in North Carolina. Ernest was born in North Carolina, the son of James Wyche Tillett and Rachel Lucy Noel. Sue was born in North Carolina, the daughter of Thomas Burton Reade and Addie Cornelius Moore.

Peter’s maternal grandfather was Robert Brooke “Bob” Sartorius (the son of August Matern Sartorius and Jessie/Jesse). Robert was born in New York. August was born in New York, to parents from Germany and England, respectively, Otto Sartorius and Margaret Annie Jessie Wills. Peter’s great-grandmother Jessie was born in New York.

Peter’s maternal grandmother was Jean Tomlinson/Tomtinson (the daughter of Howard Holmes Tomlinson/Tomtinson and Frances Ford). Jean was born in New Jersey. Howard was born in Illinois, the son of Everett S. Tomlinson and Genevieve Rush. Frances was born in Indiana, the daughter of Charles Byron Ford and Elinor Nevins Baxter.

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Photo by Joe Seer/


Paolo Guerrero

by Mixed Kidd on June 17, 2018

Birth Name: José Paolo Guerrero Gonzales

Place of Birth: Chorrillos District, Peru

Date of Birth: January 1, 1984

Ethnicity: Peruvian [Spanish, Indigenous, possibly other]

Paolo Guerrero is a Peruvian footballer. He is the son of Petronila Gonzáles and José Guerrero.


Jennifer Wayne

by madman on June 9, 2018

Jennifer Wayne – 51st Academy of Country Music Awards – Arrivals – MGM Grand Garden Arena Arena – Las Vegas, NV, USA – Photo Credit: PRN /

Birth Name: Jennifer Anne Kuhle

Place of Birth: Orange, California, United States

Date of Birth: April 1, 1982

Ethnicity: Peruvian (maternal grandmother), German, Irish, Swedish, English, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, 1/32 Swiss and/or Austrian

Jennifer Wayne is an American actress, singer, and songwriter. She is the daughter of Aissa Wayne and Earl Lawrence Kuhle II.

Jennifer’s father was of German, one quarter Irish, one quarter Swedish, and one sixteenth Swiss and/or Austrian, descent. Her mother was of English, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, and Irish ancestry on one side, and Peruvian on the other.

Her cousin is actor and producer Brendan Wayne.

Jennifer’s paternal grandfather was Earl Lawrence Kuhle (the son of August/Augustus Henry Kuhle and Elizabeth Rosella Lacy). Earl was born in Illinois. August was the son of German parents, Ferdinand Herman Kuhle and Christiana Jane Keister, who was possibly born in Czechoslovakia. Elizabeth was the daughter of Irish parents, John Lacy and Margaret Ryan.

Jennifer’s paternal grandmother was June Audrey Bilgere (the daughter of Charles Clarence Bilgere and Agnes Wilhelmine Johanson). June was born in Illinois. Charles’ father, Michael John Bilgere/Bilgeri, was born in Illinois, to a Swiss and/or Austrian father, and a German mother. Charles’ mother, Susan C. Schlader, was born in Alsace, France, of ethnic German descent. Jennifer’s great-grandmother Agnes was born in Wisconsin, to Swedish parents, Alfred Johanson and Wilhelmine Erickson.

Jennifer’s maternal grandfather was actor, director, and producer John Wayne (born Marion Robert Morrison, the son of Clyde Leonard Morrison and Mary Alberta Brown). John was born in Iowa. Clyde was the son of Marion Mitchell Morrison and Wealtha Chase Parsons, and had English and Scots-Irish/Northern Irish ancestry. Mary was the daughter of Robert Emmet Brown, who had Scots-Irish/Northern Irish ancestry, and of Margaret Cullenan or Kennedy, who was Irish.

Jennifer’s maternal grandmother was actress Pilar Pallete (the daughter of Miguel Arturo Pallete and Carmela). Pilar was born in Paita, Peru.

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María Julia Mantilla

by Manila on May 3, 2018

Birth Name: María Julia Mantilla García

Place of Birth: Trujillo, La Libertad, Peru

Date of Birth: 10 July, 1984

Ethnicity: Peruvian [Spanish (Aragonese, possibly other), possibly other], 1/8 German, 1/16 Italian

María Julia Mantilla is a Peruvian beauty queen, actress, and model. She was crowned Miss World 2004.

Maju is the daughter of Olmedo Lucio Mantilla Mayer and Elvia Elizabeth García Linares. Olmedo’s younger sister, María Julia Mantilla Mayer, was crowned Miss Peru 1969, and was the semi-finalist of Miss Universe 1969.

Maju is married to industrial engineer César Gustavo Salcedo Ramírez-Gaston, with whom she has two children.

Maju’s paternal grandfather was Jubal Ulises Mantilla Zolla (the son of Pedro Isaías Mantilla Saavedra and Julia Talia Zolla Bracamonte). Pedro was the son of Augusto Mantilla and Antonia Saavedra. Julia was the daughter of an Italian emigrant, Pietro (or Pedro in Spanish) Zolla, and of Brígida Bracamonte.

Maju’s paternal grandmother was María Luisa Mayer Amat (the daughter of Georg, or Jorge in Spanish, Mayer and María Amat). Maju’s grandmother María Luisa was a Spanish emigrant, from Zaragoza. Georg was German.

Maju’s maternal grandparents were surnamed García and Linares.

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