Francisco Sagasti

Birth Name: Francisco Rafael Sagasti Hochhäusler

Place of Birth: Lima, Peru

Date of Birth: 10 October, 1944

*father – Peruvian [Spanish, Basque, possibly other], at least 1/16 English
*mother – Austrian-Ashkenazi Jewish

Francisco Sagasti is a Peruvian engineer, academic, author, and politician. He has served as President of Peru, from 17 November, 2020 to 28 July, 2021. He has also been a Member of Congress, from 16 March, 2020 to 26 July, 2021, Parliamentary Spokesperson of the Purple Party, from 16 March, 2020 to 16 November, 2020, and President of Congress, from 16 November, 2020 to 26 July, 2021.

His father, Francisco Rafael Sagasti Miller, was Peruvian, also from Lima. His mother, Elsa Hochhäusler, was from Vienna, Austria, and settled in Santiago, Chile. Her own father was Jewish, and had relatives who died in the Holocaust. It is not clear if her own mother was Jewish, too, but it is possible.

President Sagasti was previously married to Leonor Beatriz Giusti Escobar, until their divorce, and to Costa Rican economist Silvia Cristina de las Mercedes Charpentier Brenes, until their divorce. He has a daughter with Silvia.

President Sagasti’s paternal grandfather was Francisco Rafael Sagasti Saldaña (the son of Francisco Sagasti Figueroa and Mercedes Saldaña). President Sagasti’s grandfather Francisco, who was born in Lima, was a national hero as a victor of the Battle of Tarapacá.

President Sagasti’s paternal grandmother was María Estela Miller Winder (the daughter of Juan Miller and María Amalia Winder Bedoya). Estela was born in Lima. Amalia was the daughter of Manuel Winder Lerzundi, who own father, Michael Winder (or Miguel Francisco Winder Williamson in Spanish), was English, from Shoreditch, London, and of María Bedoya Huare.

President Sagasti’s maternal grandfather was Leopold Hochhäusler (the son of Sigmund Hochhäusler and Charlotte Silberberger). Leopold was born in Vienna, to a Jewish family. Sigmund was born in Mikulov, Břeclav District, South Moravian Region, Czech Republic, the son of Leopold Hochhäusler and Maria Aderer. Charlotte was also from Mikulov, and was the daughter of Ignaz Silberberger and Henriette Toch.

President Sagasti’s maternal grandmother was Maria/Marianne Mitzi Reinisch (the daughter of Martin Reinisch and Barbara Pfeiffer). Mitzi was born in Vienna, to parents from Březí, Břeclav District, South Moravian Region. Martin was the son of Jakob Reinisch and Anna Maria Beck.

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